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A monthly meetup with fellow Blockchain professionals in the central London area - No fee, no charge, just meet up with like-minded individuals to share ideas and make big things happen - Come, listen, link-up with people and launch yourself into the Blockchain Revolution!

The extensive contributions of the open-source community on decentralised ledger Technology also known as Blockchain Technology, its application on popular public crypto-currencies and smart contracts (Bitcoin and Ethereum), and the ongoing research by Consortiums on regulated provisioned Blockchain has an enormous potential to totally disrupt the social, economic and technological infrastructures in place today.

At its core, blockchain is a distributed ledger that enables efficient and reliable transactions that are typically private (or pseudonymous), secure, and transparent. Blockchain records are visible to all members of a network, so they can be easily monitored and audited. They are protected by encryption and a groundbreaking peer-to-peer cryptographic validation mechanism that makes them highly secure. Also, once a record is added to the blockchain, it is permanent and extremely difficult to tamper with.

Blockchain technology proves to be very efficient in synchronizing different/siloed ledgers while automating most of the current economic manual processes. A few of its advantages include; reduction of errors in synchronizing ledgers, transfer and settlement of assets digitally, elimination of risks in financial transactions, storage of immutable time stamped data, serving as the backbone to IoT devices, facilitate e-voting and e-governance and effectively solve the long-standing Identity problem.

London Blockchain Rendezvous is a focus group with the vision to create a Blockchain Ecosystem in London by breaking downing high-level topics on Blockchain to those who are new in this space as well as inform and discuss with knowledgeable Blockchain experts on industry occurrences and use cases of Blockchain around the world. ”


Organisers may work for This Meetup group are not affiliated in any way with the companies they might work for. This Meetup has no affiliation, connection or association with such third party.

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