• A Practical Introduction to SQL

    SHACK15: The Data Science Hub

    Much of the world's important data resides in databases and SQL is the key to unlocking it. This event will provide you with the essential SQL you need to extract and transform your data. We'll also show how how to use SQL with popular visualisation tools like Power BI. This is a first-come, first-admitted event. In the unlikely case that we have more that 80 people turning up, only the first 80 will be admitted. Everybody is welcome and the event is free. We look forward to see you there.

  • Introduction To Power BI - Free Full Day Training

    Microsoft Reactor

    UPDATE: This event is full. We will be running again on the weekend of July 6/7 and on Fri Sep 6th and Friday Dec 6th. Please only come if you have registered on Eventbrite and also responded to the reconfirmation email and have received the joining instructions email. ESSENTIAL: Sign up using the eventbrite registration form at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/introduction-to-power-bi-free-full-day-training-tickets-55827480497. This course will help you get started analysing and visualising data with Power BI. The emphasis will be on visualising data and building great dashboards. The event is free and everybody is welcome to register. It's at the Microsoft Reactor in central London on Monday March 11th. Please arrive from 9am and there will be coffee and pastries available - the training starts promptly at 9:30am and ends at 4:30pm. It is a hands-on course and there will be plenty of lab exercises. There will be several trainers and coaches to help you. We will be visualising public datasets, many with a London focus - for example, mapping tube stations and looking at the trends in public London transport. We expect to have 80 attendees and will put everybody in groups of six people round a table so you can help each other. Attendees will need to bring a laptop with the latest version of Power BI Desktop (free) on it. We will provide a course agenda and course datasets a few days before the course. On the days, we will provide sandwiches for lunch and coffees and snacks will be available. We've run this course a few times before and it is always popular and great fun. Please only sign up if you are reasonably sure you can make it. We may email you to confirm your place a few days before the event if the event has a waiting list.

  • AI in the Enterprise World - Dr Kyriakos Christodoulides

    Despite the enormous benefits it brings, some organisations and investors still remain sceptical about AI. How can an organisation get started with AI and where should they invest? This presentation is suitable for a wide audience and there will be an educational part explaining the meaning and relationship between buzzwords such as AI, Big Data and IoT. There will also be a consultation part elaborating on how organisations can get started with AI projects and where they should invest. Throughout the presentation, examples and successful use-cases will be illustrated. Dr Kyriakos Christodoulides is a data-scientist with a background in physics and mathematics and has extensive experience in algorithm development and in supporting technical project communications. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Liverpool, and has held various industrial and academic posts related to data science, applied mathematics and theoretical physics. Among other technical consulting activities, Kyriakos has prototyped novel asset-condition-monitoring algorithms for the Austrian sensor technology company Frauscher. He also developed novel nuclear imaging algorithms for products that are deployed in Fukushima and Sellafield. Kyriakos is the founder and organiser of The London Business Book Club: https://www.meetup.com/The-London-Business-Book-Club/ Doors open at 6pm and there will be sandwiches and soft drinks - the talk starts at 6:30pm prompt. This is a first-come, first-admitted event. In the unlikely case that we have more that 120 people turning up, only the first 120 will be admitted. Best to be early. Everybody is welcome and the event is free. We look forward to see you there.

  • Companies in Trouble: Using Data Analytics to Explore Debt in the UK

    Reka & Aleks will describe their empirical research with data on civil court judgments on debt obligations by companies, insolvency distribution and other datasets on company problems (e.g. environmental noncompliance fines). Using Bayesian Surprise Maps, their project aims to establish the spatial (geographical) patterns of indicators of business failures, and economic strain on companies. Our speakers are Dr Reka Solymosi from the School of Law, University of Manchester and Dr Aleksandra Jordanoska from the School of Law, King's College London. Reka is a Lecturer in Quantitative Methods and Aleks is a Lecturer in Corporate Law and Financial Regulation.

  • Sold Out - Full day course - Analysing and Visualising Data With Power BI

    This event is full - see you on Friday if you responded to the SurveyMonkey registration and have received an email at the weekend. If not, we will be running it again in spring. The objective of the course is to teach some skills for building helpful and compelling Power BI dashboards. It assumes basic familiarity with Power BI. The provisional schedule looks like this 9:00 Registration. Soft drinks and pastries provided 9:30 Welcome. Introduction, set-up 10:00 Hands-on lab – mapping tube station (part 1) 11:30 Coffee break 12:00 Hands-on lab – mapping tube station (part 2) 13:00 Lunch 14:00 Hands-on lab – analysing time-series and financial data (part 1) 15:00 Tea break 15:30 Hands-on lab – analysing time-series and financial data (part 2). 16:15 Wrap-up 16:30 Close The topics include: • Visualise: a good visualisation creates that all-important-first-impression. We’ll learn techniques to drill-down hierarchies and drill through to detail pages, create maps, edit interactions between visuals on a page, sync slicers, use conditional formatting and report tooltips • Calculate: we will use DAX (the language of Power BI) to calculate some useful results, such as rolling totals, time-intelligence e.g. year-to-data and rankings. Most dataset have a time perspective, so we’ll also build and use a date table that will help us with date-based calculations. • Design: the analytical power of a dashboard derives from a good design of the tables, columns and their relationships. We’ll look at how to arrange these to create better dashboards and more powerful calculations. • Wrangle: data never arrives in perfect condition or shapes. We’ll use Power BI query editor to clean and transform our data.

  • Be More Unicorn - Tamsin Harriman

    London Olympia

    Please register free for Big Data LDN to obtain entry to the meetup via https://bigdataldn.com/register. You can stay for as much of the two days as you like with the registration should you want to. We’ve all heard of the mythical, sought after Data Unicorn – someone who has not only great data science skills, but technical and business skills as well. In truth, while our titles might be Data Analyst or Data Scientist, many of us already have some crossover into other skillsets. Tamsin will discuss 5 ways to unleash your curiosity, embrace your inner generalist and become more Unicorn. Our thanks to Big Data LDN (https://bigdataldn.com/) for hosting the event.

  • Python for Data Analysis (paid event)

    LSE New Academic Building (NAB)

    A one day practical hands-on introduction to Python and how to use it to analyse data. Early bird price £99. Details and registration at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/python-for-data-analysis-tickets-49614773122.

  • Using AI to Beat the Bookies

    Microsoft Reactor

    Gary will build a model to predict which horse will win a race. He will also explain the model's weaknesses and techniques to mitigate against them. Gary Short is a Data Scientist for Microsoft. He specialises in machine learning and “big data” on the Azure Platform, but has an interest in data science, in all forms, especially computational linguistics and social network analysis.

  • Beginners Power BI Workshop (paid event)

    LSE New Academic Building (NAB)

    A one day practical hand-on introduction to Power BI. Early bird price £99. Details and registration at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/beginners-power-bi-workshop-tickets-49614628690

  • Quantum Computing: Don’t Panic - Anita Ramanan

    Microsoft Reactor

    Heard of this whole ‘Quantum Computing’ thing but don’t know what all the fuss is about? Want to learn more about what makes quantum computers so special and how Q# can help? This session will explore quantum computing from the ground up (no previous knowledge required) and give an introduction to how Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit can help us bring theory to life. Session summary: Introduction to quantum mechanics Introduction to quantum computing Criteria for physical QC systems Physical architectures: ion trap and topological Q#/QDK Hello World (code walk-throughs/demos) Anita (@whywontitbuild) graduated from University College London with an MSci in Natural Sciences: Atomic and Particle Physics and Physical Chemistry (Quantum Mechanics). Since then, she has been working at Microsoft and is now a Software Engineer focusing on the Internet of Things (particularly as it relates to healthcare), Xamarin, Power BI and Quantum Computing.

  • Structured data, Successful dates - Ned Stratton

    Microsoft Reactor

    Ned works as a database manager for a London-based publishing company, and has been looking for love on Tinder for the past 4 years. After many dates he's analysed his dating history. Ned will explain how he collated, structured, analysed and visualised his dating data, and what he has learned about programming, analysis techniques - and about the search for love. This is one of two talks at this event. The schedule is 6:00pm Welcome - sandwiches and soft drinks available 6:30pm A brief look at several upcoming LBAG events 6:40pm This talk 7:10pm Using data to plan an integrated care program for the over 65s - Carl Sheldrick (https://www.meetup.com/London-Business-Analytics-Group/events/250717690/) 7:40pm Soft drinks and chat 8:30pm Close