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Welcome to the original London Cheap Eats and Eateries & Going Out Group (18-35).

London is expensive, including eating out and going out but those 'in the know' pay less. This group is for the 18-35 age group and it is often this age group that has relatively less cash to spend but a high desire to go out and have lots of fun. We WELCOME people who are new to London (newbies), travellers, young professionals, students, au pairs/nannies, expats , locals or whoever to this group.

Our goal is to:

-Seek out genuine cheap eats in town and go and enjoy them (whilst they still last)
-Frequent awesome pubs, bars and go clubbing
-Enjoy all other events and activities in London that do not cost too much
-Bring people together for these get-togethers and make sure everyone has fun

We define a 'cheap eat' as obtaining a meal for around £10 or less. Cheap doesn't necessarily mean low quality, in fact low cost places often have the charm that more expensive places lack. We will generally avoid the big chains, independent places will be actively sought out.

On occasion we may frequent an establishment that costs a little more than described above but we will make these events obvious. We all like a treat from time to time. We will sometimes make reservations at places but other times we won't and just turn up. Some Meetups will be planned well in advance whilst others will be spontaneously organised depending on demand, just keep checking back frequently or you'll miss out!

Other events we will plan include summer barbecues, day trips, dancing, pub crawls and we will show members some of the more 'hidden gems' and secret places like restaurants, bars and clubs. We will be organising events that will allow members to get an authentic London experience.

Join our events and see that London can be affordable, one just has to be smart about it. We can be smart together.

Please read and understand our Group Rules (http://www.meetup.com/London-Cheap-Eats-and-Eateries-Going-Out-Group-18-35/pages/Rules/) and RSVP Policy (http://www.meetup.com/London-Cheap-Eats-and-Eateries-Going-Out-Group-18-35/pages/RSVP_Policy/) before you join. Contributions to the Organisers (http://www.meetup.com/London-Cheap-Eats-and-Eateries-Going-Out-Group-18-35/pages/Contributions_to_the_organisers/)are most welcome and are needed to keep this group running.

Come and make friends and have fun with other people your age in this fast growing group. You won't regret it!

About the Organisers: Chris and Sunny originally met whilst working for Abercrombie and Fitch, a fashion store in London during 2007 and are both born and bred in London so they have lots of useful and insightful knowledge about London itself. They have both lived abroad in Toronto, Canada and share a passion for organising events and activities for a variety of people. Ask them anything about UK or London life and maybe even some advice or tips.


What's this group all about?
It's about sharing a good and cheap meal together with great people whilst having good conversation and making new friends. Many of our meetups are followed by other socialising activities that may even last the whole day or have a second unscheduled eating element!

Is it just all about eating out?
No. We also 'go out' to bars, pubs and clubs, sometimes as a standalone event or sometimes straight after a cheap eat dining event. We may also go to some ad-hoc events or day trips, many unique, fun and interesting.

What are the people like who attend our events?
We haven't been going long but we are a friendly group (honest!) and always have members coming from all over the world including some native Londoners! There are always 'regulars' as well as 'first timers' who come along. We eat, have good chat and have some fun. The more events you come to the more familiar you will become with other members of the group.

What makes us different to other Meetup groups?
We organise a HUGE VARIETY of events and the organisers' in depth local knowledge of London is utilised creating some fun and sometimes unique events. We show members how London was in the past but also what London is actually like today and not just touristy or well-known places.

I am nervous coming by myself, should I be?
Definitely not. The hosts will introduce you to other members and everyone is friendly. Most people that come to our events come alone. There is nothing to worry about as we all want to meet other new people.

How will I get the most out of an event that I attend?
The organisers will always do their best to ensure members integrate with each other but ultimately it is responsibility of each member to mingle with others and to create conversation. However, if you need some assistance then please have a word with one of the organisers who will be happy to help you meet some other members.

Anything else?
Members agree to take responsibility for their own actions and behaviour at our events.

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Easy going Indian afternoon buffet

Poppadom Express

Dear Esteemed foodies, We haven't done a buffet in a while, so I thought it would be nice to go for one here at a nice spacious, comtemporary Indian place. The Poppadom Express is part of a set of restaurants associated with the Imperial Hotel in Bloomsbury. It will be an unhurried affair, being all you can eat and offers a decent selection of classic Indian curries and accompaniments. There'll be plenty of time to meet new people and make new friends. Just remember not to eat before! For a taste of what to expect, here's a link: https://www.imperialhotels.co.uk/en/restaurants-and-bars/poppadom-express We will meet in the Poppadom Express restaurant at 2 PM. The lunch buffet is £8.95 and finishes between 3:30PM to 4PM. Please feel free to bring guests, as the place has ample capacity and there should be plenty of food. No age limit applies. After this, the itinerary is relatively flexible, depending on what people would like to do. I suggest if the weather is nice that we wonder around Bloomsbury to enjoy the elegant green spaces and architecture. I know a couple of nice pubs and bars nearby that we can check out also afterwards, if that is to people's suiting. We will be in the restaurant for probably 2 hours so if you are running a bit late just meet us there, no worries just let us know here when we will see you. Come join us for the fun! Alex

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