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This is the group to join if you like to watch films in London and enjoy meeting new people. We go to see a wide variety of films, including both the new releases and classic films. We use various cinemas, usually in central London. Come by yourself, or bring a friend if you want. Adults of all ages/nationalities are welcome. There is always an opportunity to socialise with the other members after the films if you want.


The following guidelines apply to London Cinema Meetup events:

(1) Any meetup event must have an Event Organiser. You are welcome to suggest a film event, but to make sure it happens why not volunteer to take this role? The Event Organiser must name a particular cinema, film and film start time and commit to attending and performing the organiser roles (see below). Ideally events are announced up to a week in advance (once the cinema's film showings have been announced). If you are a new Event Organiser, please send a message to me (or to an Assistant Organiser) to request help setting up the event on Meetup. Usually Central London locations (in zone 1) are preferred as these are convenient for more members to reach. Any type of film is OK, whether a latest release or a classic.

(2) In general London Cinema Meetup events should not be for members of this group only. This helps to ensure clear communication and avoids conflicts of interest.

(3) Please only reply Yes to an event if you are planning to attend, and change your reply to No if you cannot go for some reason.

(4) The Event Organiser will be at the cinema (near where tickets are purchased) at least 15 minutes before the publicised start time (usually he/she will hold a London Cinema Meetup sign, wear some particular item of clothing, and/or provide a mobile phone number). If you do not manage to find the group or want to arrive later then please just go in and enjoy watching the film by yourself. You can try leaving a message on the meetup event site or send a text to the Event Organiser's phone, but neither of these will be checked during the film.

(5) Please buy your own film tickets. Buying in advance is recommended to get the best seats and to be sure of getting a place. If seat numbers are stated on the tickets, the Event Organiser will write his/her seat number in the event description or in the comments section, so that you can sit nearby if you wish. If you want you can write their own seat number in a comment for the event.

(6) Currently there are no meetup charge for organising these events (note that the group's Organiser is paying monthly charges to Meetup). Event Organisers are volunteers who will do their best to welcome you and to enable you to meet other attendees, but they are also there to enjoy the film so do not expect them to worry if you are late or in the wrong place. Please make an effort to welcome all other members.

(7) After the film you are encoraged to meet the Event Organiser back at the original meeting place in the cinema (he/she will try to be there until 10 minutes after the film credits have ended). If you want you can go on to socialise in a nearby venue (a cafe, pub/bar or restaurant). Attendance is completely optional and of course you can feel free to leave at any time. It may be necessary to split into smaller groups if there are lots of members going to the film or if the chosen venues are crowded. The Event Organiser will usually decide where to go (you can always make a suggestion if you want) and will either attend himself/herself or if unable to attend will help members who want to go to form a group.

I hope you enjoy your membership of the group!

Mark, Organiser

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