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Are you a lover or owner of a classic car or even what some refer to as a Modern Classic? No, I don't mean old cars, I mean the type of cars that bring a smile to your face, help you reminisce of when you were growing up and saw it driving down the road, or maybe you remebr it from being in that Video (ok now we're going back...lol). Join us by sharing your knowledge, passion, anecdotes, info, buying tips, maintenance hacks, advice, or just to revel in the glory your love of your "classic motor".

Owners, enthusiasts, and those that don't take themselves too seriously when someone disagrees with them are more than welcome to join what I hope will be a mixed, fun group of like minded individuals. We'll be arranging regular meetups to discuss and celebrate different classics and topics over the forthcoming months, and our only criteria for this group is that all members have a view, know they are entitled to it and, all views will be respected pertaining to our love of Classic Cars and the associated topics that surround it.

So come on, what are you waiting for? Get moving, take the plunge and join us and our love for the Classics......

See you soon!

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