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London CoTech Meetup
London CoTech Meetup
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Augmented and Virtual Reality are storming frontiers of our perception.

The next computing revolution will yield wearable computers that do not need screens and soon after, not even sense-based input, because we will interface with our thoughts.

Keeping the worst case scenarios aside, let us instead imagine ways in which emerging tech can help us.

Each speaker will present for 15 minutes about ways that AR/VR is changing our lives; they will each then demonstrate a wearable application. The audience will be invited to try out the discussed apps.

Further conversations will unfold in a spontaneous manner (drinks provided).

This event is curated by Space4 and Animorph co-op.

Speakers include:

Natalia Wojtowicz + Szczepan Orlowski (Animorph)

Animorph is immersive media workers’ co-operative specialising in augmented and virtual reality. We collaboratively conceive, develop and deploy applications for both smartphone-based and standalone wearables. We have been trailblazing the emerging mediums with companies and institutions such as Southbank Centre, Halo Post, Open University as well as engaging in independent, community-driven projects.

Animorph will discuss perception-shifting through the holy grail of AR/VR - sense of presence. They will focus on ways VR can be used for addressing anxiety-related attacks. They will showcase a VR prototype with a non-invasive neurointerface (EEG) that aims to facilitate re-establishing mental equilibrium. The users do not have to be on the brink to try it out, the experience will help you centre, no meditation skills required!

Peter Daukintis (Microsoft)

Microsoft is one of the leaders on the AR/MR market due to their HoloLens headset and the ecosystem accompanying it.

Mixed Reality use cases include spatial planning and remote expert scenarios.

Microsoft have built two first-party applications to support these use cases which Peter will talk about and demonstrate:

‘Microsoft Layout’ provides spatial planning across both HoloLens and immersive headsets using the users’ physical surroundings or Visio floor plans and gives access to 3D models to layout within the space.

‘Microsoft Remote Assist’ is designed to allow experts to see and guide first-line workers to carry out tasks which would otherwise need the expert to be on site, such as maintenance of machinery.

Charly Levene (Happy Finish)

Happy Finish are a groundbreaking creative production studio, making new things in new ways. Specialising in Retouch, CGI, VFX, VR, AR and Creative AI, they create experiences for brands and agencies worldwide.

They will be explore how VR/AR can be used as a tool to help educate users and increase awareness and empathy. They will discuss and demo two projects they have made for Ford Motor Company:

'WheelSwap' is an empathy-driven VR experience encouraging drivers and cyclists to put themselves on each others wheels and respect one another on the road.

'Reality Check' is an interactive CG VR experience that educates young drivers on the dangers of getting distracted behind the wheel.

Paul Stamp (Nonatomic)

Nonatomic are a Manchester based collection of digital tinkerers specialising in the design and production of bleeding edge digital experiences.

They thrive in new and emerging spaces including Virtual, Augment and Mixed Reality systems, Cross-platform mobile games, reinforcement and evolutionary Machine Learning and all other fields of digital intrigue.

Nonatomic will showcase their VR prototype virtual digging simulation featuring a tangible shovel controller, terrain deformation, terrain layer splat mapping and the ability to beat the shit out of traffic cones with a spade.