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London Consciousness Hacking
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This month we are delighted to be bringing Consciousness Hacking to the sublime surroundings of Sketch in London's Mayfair, as part of the Kinetica Museum exhibition 'Natural Instinct', which explores the intuitive and impulsive power of nature through works using light, sound, lasers, harmonics, geometry and magnetic energies.

Alex Haw will introduce his work 'Sketch Strangler', a light installation that has grown into the spaces surrounding the main lobby of this Michelin-starred restaurant. Like a strangler fig tree, it worms its way through the lobby's dark forestal void, reaching towards the light – and carrying light with it, the patterns of the seasons playing out across its boughs.

Alex will discuss this and other works by his design studio, Atmos, many of them inspired by nature. Atmos is an interdisciplinary art snd architecture practice creating technically innovative and multi-sensorial environments.

Tony Langford, a colead of Consciousness Hacking London, is also co-founder of Kinetica Museum, and will talk about how artists working across disciplines are engaging and challenging our sensory experience.
His 2019 academic paper 'Return to nature: how media art heals?' reviews and compares simulated natural environments with actual nature, and their potential to restore attention and enhance wellbeing.

As the planet faces an environmental crisis, we will explore whether and how multi-sensory media art can re-connect us to the natural world. Together we will journey on a mindful tour of the exhibition, observing how the artworks reflect in exquisite detail (focused attention) the wonder of nature (the broader view).

The artists in 'Natural Instinct' are Atmos / Alex Haw (with Harish Persad), Balint Bolygo, Jim Bond, Paul Friedlander, Dianne Harris, Ronald Mallory and Ubik Teatro.

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