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Many of you know about my path through this mysterious field of invisible entanglements that connects us to our ancestors, across the Love of which they have been deprived. I would be thrilled to make a group of people who are loyal to this method and are ready to participate once a month (last weekend of each month) in the workshop, for a symbolic price of 60 GBP. For those who feel that something is blocking their life, who have discovered feelings or character traits that limit them, for those who suffer from fears, blockages, phobias, who feel they repeatedly face the same obstacles, being in a vicious circle - either in love, in marriage, in family, with parents, with children, in relationships, in separations, in success or money. Besides my regular workshops (consisting in one day Constellation workshop and one day Experiential Astrology through the Constellation field), my aim is to organize workshops of relevant European facilitators who are also working close to Bert Hellinger and are able to offer their knowledge and experience to their UK colleagues. Therefore, there will be workshops specifically organized for professionals who want to broaden their knowledge and tune in with the latest field revelations.

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