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April 2013 - Continuous Delivery with ETL Systems

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With Dave Nolan (@davenolan, Lonely Planet) and Pete Sinden (Dr Foster Intelligence)

Hosted by SkillsMatter:

Continuous Delivery and Agile methodologies tend to focus on product value which manifests itself in discrete end-user features. However, for data-heavy software applications - such as those using ETL (,_transform,_load) - functionality value is typically bound up with delivering a large data set against which the application can operate.

Lonely Planet and Dr Foster Intelligence both make heavy use of ETL in their products, and both organisations have applied the principles of Continuous Delivery to their delivery process.

Some of the Continuous Delivery norms need to be adapted in the context of ETL, and some interesting patterns emerge, such as running Continuous Integration against data, as well as code.

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