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May 2015: Chris Young and Alex Yates

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Chris Young - 'Sharpening the Axe'

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Building the Dev/Ops relationship on a Fixed Date, Fixed Scope project.

"I’ll be telling the story of how we built an automated provisioning and deployment pipeline using Ansible targeting Vagrant, AWS and On Prem Virtual Tin to deliver fixed scope to a fixed date for a marketing lead Christmas launch.

It’s the story Dev/Ops of a relationship with shared ownership of the lower tiers of the stack. It’s about not using existing tools just because they are there, creating simple solutions to complex problems, separating concerns and a healthy amount of shell scripting foo.

The story is told through the projects’s artefacts; scripts, playbooks, diagrams, screenshots to spark an audience led conversation. Their _should_ be a live demo."


Alex Yates - The Elephant in the Room: Continuous Delivery for databases

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Let’s talk about constraints. What’s holding you back from achieving Continuous Delivery? Relational databases. If it’s painful, do it often… Your app is automatically integrated, tested and packaged for deployment in minutes.

But what about the database?

Of course, the database brings with it its own complications and risks. We’ll talk about both the human and technical changes which are necessary to achieve a reliable, nimble, and automatable database deployment process.

You’ll learn how to bring Dev and Ops closer together as well as customize established practices and existing toolsets to build a database deployment pipeline and speed up delivery while at the same time protecting the data (and your sanity).

There will be four example scenarios to choose from based on four different technology stacks – so for the demo you can vote on your favourite VCS, CI server and release management tooling!

By the end of the session, delegates will have learned that the elephant in the room is now: ‘Why aren’t we doing continuous delivery for databases?’