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This is a group for creative freelancers workers working in London. If you're a creative in the following categories this is the group for you (Film, Photography, Music, Dance, Art, Design, Beauty and Fashion). These Meetup events are perfect opportunity for London creatives to network, connect and collaborate.

Networking can help you explore and find new projects, find potential collaborators and grow as a creative professional. Especially in big cities such as London, it’s a benefit to have a wide circle of connections as one can recommend another for different upcoming projects.

2020 is a new decade with new opportunities to explore, connect and achieve growth in yourself. And what’s better than going to some great events and exploring the network of new collaborators, clients and trends.

If you are a creative in London, this Meetup group is for you!

We'll host a monthly get-together and talk about relevant topics. Organised in partnership with Wishu.

If you're a creative from one of the listed categories check out Wishu (www.wishu)

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