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Anybody who wishes to manage their diabetes well. I subscribe to https://www.diabetes.org.uk/ for more information about this. This meetup is meant to be the FUN but informative social arm - with the undertone of managing diabetes well. Primarily aimed at adults - who may not be fully aware of the amount of education and information required to manage diabetes and might need support for this. Made more so, by the fact that a person might feel or be well now, but if not well managed can lead to more serious complications later in life - so checking up regularly (my opinion) is important. HOW: Regular monthly meetups (12 a year) There is indirect/direct access to medical Diabetic professionals - with regular monthly meetups/theme topics. Current additional links ( as at Nov 2017) to two local open (to membership) Diabetic groups - in the Hackney and Islington areas. Apart from the usual raffles, meetings and fund raising activities there will be a basic request for £12 donation annually to help fund the running of this group. We have volunteers, rooms to book, information to get out and post etc; Also to help ensure keep membership up - looking at many other ideas and incentives - some cost money. But basically with diabetes, the more you know the better things will get for you. So joining is a win/win, you just need to really find or make the time to attend or read up on the posts - you do not have to attend every event or meet. But a donation or more is much appreciated and will go to this good cause. Some money may go to other locally formed diabetic groups as incentives (again for room hire, leaflets etc) Also there is an idea to post useful information on this meet up ( e.g Iced sliced lemon - who knew?) So regularly checking the notice or topic/discussion board might help with the cascade of information ie. getting it out there.
Proper diabetic training is expensive; Not all local authorities put their staff on training or for local residents - so if information is not received it could have dire consequences; I feel there is not much support out there, and that some people are just not aware of just how much stuff you need to know or do, so really this is another reason/channel method. Also looking to empower individuals to do more than just ask a question. Diabetes does make an real impact on lives day to day living, you have eat right, manage medications, know about your body - the last meet I attended was to do with managing the flu - and medications, its not the same as a person without diabetes. So I think there is a need for good support that is accessibly and obtainable by meeting up. Finally, if getting around is difficult, our team is available to post up on site or give advice and some help on setting up your own local diabetic meetup group - as distance and travel can be a issue, but a least now you have one additional source of information. Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional; Please talk to your own diabetic professionals. The more people that get involved and share experiences the more information can be gathered about diabetes so that we all can eventually benefit and get better control or support to manage this disease. Thank you. Please join.

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