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London D&D Meetup - Beginner Tuesdays - RSVP required

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Normally in Crosse Keys upstairs rear function room, go past the rope barrier and up the stairs (the 'private function' is us!). Otherwise in downstairs rear room. Games Calendar (

Room Use - for GMs

We usually get to use the upstairs room at the back of the Crosse Keys. They don't charge us for this, but expect us to produce 30+ paying (food & drink) customers. The Crosse Keys have asked us to keep the Balcony clear for other customers IF we can fit everyone in the main upstairs room. So if we have 4 tables, everyone should play in the main room. If there are 5-6 groups then the excess can use the Balcony.

RSVP Policy

You must RSVP. If you have not RSVP'd you can not attend that Beginners Tuesday event, and if you do turn up you may be required to leave. If you did not RSVP before the Meetup filled up, you should still RSVP, and will then go on the Waiting List. RSVPs close 3.30pm on the day.

1. If you have not attended before, check back then and see if you have made it onto the list - if so, you can attend. If not, better luck next time.2. If you have attended before, and have a spot in a GM's game, but are still on the waiting list at 3.30pm on the day, you can still attend, and we will try to get you a spot, but please try to avoid this situation if possible.

New Players

Come along at 6.30pm and if you have RSVP'd we will try to find you a game. You may wish to contact a GM in advance about joining their game - see below. You don't need to bring anything, but dice (including 20-sided), pencil, and paper are always useful. Optionally you can bring a pregenerated character (usually 1st level) and miniature; a rule book for your preferred game system is also useful.

Some of our games

You can message our GMs via the Bulletin Board or via their Profile pages (some linked below) to ask about available spaces in their games. Even if a game's regular slots are full there may still be spaces on the night for drop-in players due to player absence etc.

1. Dean - 4e D&D "Punjar Saga" (thread ( - fortnightly

2. Mo ( & Mo's Group - misc weird stuff/Mage (thread) ( - weekly
3. James Parsons ( - 4e D&D Dark Sun (thread (

4. Frost - homebrews - weekly
5. Jon - Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Box - thread (

6. Pierre (assistant organiser) - 4e D&D - thread (

7. Chris - Pathfinder - Way of the Wicked - fortnightly

8. Jason deLuna - World of Darkness: rise of a demon - fortnightly

9. Ben P - weekly

GMing a game

If you are interested in GMing any RPG at Beginners Tuesday please contact Simon ( via PM or post on the bulletin board ( thead. Games running on Beginners Tuesday should be suitable for beginners, and should be open to new players if there is space available, either a temporary spot/drop-in player, or potentially long-term. I normally use six players + GM as a guideline maximum number per table; let me know if your game can only take a smaller number.

4e D&D Resources

1) 4e D&D Quickstart Guide (

2) 4e D&D Player's Handbook ( on amazon (

3) If you don't have a Player's Handbook or DDI subscription you may find WoTC's free, updated postings of most of the 4e PHB classes useful (no Paladin or Ranger, sorry):

Fighter ( Warlord ( Warlock ( Cleric ( Rogue ( Wizard (

For GMs - don't like prep? Use Sly Flourish's GM Cheat Sheet ( with Monster Manual 3 on a business card ( and never prep again! :D

3.5e D&D Resources

3.5e D&D System Reference Document ( (rules)

Pathfinder Resources

Pathfinder System Reference Document ( (rules)

-Simon Newman