Ember London November 2016 Project Night

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Integrate Ember Engines to your project.

As the ember application of Show My Homework (http://showmyhomework.co.uk/) is getting bigger and bigger, and is now divided in many sections, the developers would like to migrate those sections to Engines.

They will demonstrate this on the project night with a live dummy project how it is done.

This technique will later also be implemented in their real projects.

Of course, this is not mandatory, so as usual, feel free to BYOP or talk the staff, say hello and even browse through our app.

BYOP (Bring Your Own Project)

Project Nights are all about jumping in, getting help and giving back. Be that working on an upstream change to Ember itself or a side project using Ember. The sessions are informal, friendly and agenda-less.

Mix with your fellow Embereños and get hacking!

Refreshments provided by our awesome host(s) and sponsor(s).

Kindly hosted by Show My Homework (http://showmyhomework.co.uk).

Join the conversation on Slack (https://emberlondon.herokuapp.com/).

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