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Welcome to Embodied Moves

Explore intimacy & authenticity with Embodied Moves. Open to the world of joy & connection to express yourself naturally with ease. This is an invitation to:
-Delve deep & discover your truth
-Let go of everyday tension
-Live more in the here & now
-Meet others in honest open connection
-Unite your mind, body, heart & soul
-Explore your boundaries in a safe space - what is and isn’t ok for me in this moment? Is my yes really a yes? Or is it a maybe? Or is it a no?
-& most importantly, have fun!

Welcome to being more embodied.
Welcome to Embodied Moves.

The Workshops:
Intimacy & Ecstasy
Shamanic Inner Dance Meditation & Sound Journey
Opening to Vulnerability Naked Meditation
Sensuality & the Senses
Kundalini Body Art Ritual
Cacao-Chocolate Body Art Ritual
Cacao Dance Bliss

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Opening to Vulnerability - Naked Heart Meditation

Bonnington Centre

Our vulnerability is key to how we relate to ourselves & to others. When we are able to truly ‘be’ with ourselves, to be open & vulnerable to how we are feeling in every moment, then we can we have compassion for ourselves. Only when we can truly be with ourselves, are we able to truly be with others. The depth of our connection with others is entirely dependent on how vulnerable we are able to be with ourselves. In vulnerability we are able to experience ever more vitality, joy & light in our lives. Our vulnerability our key to Love. If we want more love in our life then we need to be vulnerable. Opening to Vulnerability guides you into meeting some of the vulnerable places within yourself that are in need of your love & attention. Like a new-born baby, we are reborn, consciously releasing some of the unnecessary barriers built when growing up & connecting with our authentic self. Are YOU ready to open to vulnerability? WHEN: Saturday 18/05/2019 Doors open @ 18:30 Journey ends @ 20:00 If you arrive early, please feel free to relax in the cafe downstairs. Punctuality would be greatly appreciated. WHERE: 11 Vauxhall Grove London SW8 1TD INFO / TO BOOK: **BOOKINGS ONLY ACCEPTED VIA EMAIL & SPACES ARE LIMITED** Please email [masked] Advance Investment (via email): £15 waged / £13 unwaged Website: http://www.embodiedmoves.com/ Workshop info: http://www.embodiedmoves.com/the-workshops.html Workshop FAQS: http://www.embodiedmoves.com/workshop-faqs.html About the Facilitator: http://www.embodiedmoves.com/about.html FAQS: WHAT TO EXPECT? Each session has a different group of people, so each session is unique. However, to give you some idea of the flow of a session, we will begin by getting to know each other as we talk about the experience we are going to share. You will then be invited to explore conscious movement with moving meditations, to then slowly undress as little or as much as you desire, leading into a silent meditation & closing with a verbal sharing of the experience. WHAT TO BRING? 1. A towel/sarong/blanket (required for hygiene purposes - to sit/lie on) 2. Bottle of water NUMBERS? Please note that the number of participants is limited to increase intimacy and safety within the group and space. NUDITY? This journey is clothing optional so there is frequently nudity in the room. I invite participants to undress to whatever level they feel comfortable with. GENDER BALANCING? These sessions are open to people of all genders and sexual orientations with an atmosphere of respect and acceptance at all times. Sessions are not gender balanced (i.e. one man to one woman). There is an invitation to move beyond personal preference and ideas of sexual attraction, into a space of welcoming and appreciating everyone. ​HOW DO I BUY TICKETS? For payment details, please email [masked]. There is no payment via PayPal. Confirmation of receipt of payment is not sent - your name will be added to the guest list used on the day. You will be contacted via email on the week of the workshop if you have confirmed payment via email but your payment has not been received. Responding yes/going/RSVP on websites does not confirm your place. Your space is only confirmed via email [masked]. FEAR OF PHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSES E.G. ERECTIONS? Fear around physiological responses e.g. erections is common, especially due to the conditioning in our society, however this is completely natural reaction. The invitation is to notice your reaction, breath deeply & continue observing your responses throughout your body. REFUNDS? Unfortunately, no ticket is transferable or refundable.

Shamanic Inner Dance Sound Journey

Bonnington Centre

Shamanic Inner Dance Sound Journey What happens when we honour ourselves with mindful attention & presence? Pure transformation… THE INVITATION: Let go of your mind. Let go of conditioning. Feel into your body. Feel into your spirit. Feel into your Inner Dance. WHAT IS INNER DANCE? Inner Dance is a transformative heart-opening journey based on Filipino Shamanism, which encourages healing & energy awareness through infinite presence. The music & tribal instruments support healing & deep connection with self, navigating through theta & beta brain waves to flow through subtle trance states leading to pure consciousness to surrender to Source. Inner Dance invites the realization of our True Self… exploring the body, sensations, mind & emotions as we ignite a cosmic connection with our Inner Guide, our Inner Healer & our Inner Dance. LOCATION: Bonnington Centre 11 Vauxhall Grove London SW8 1TD. WHEN: Saturday 18/05/19 Doors open 20.00 Workshop ends 21:30 WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat / Blanket (a limited number will be available for use) Water bottle FOR INFO/TO BOOK: Email: [masked] Advance Investment (via email): £15 waged / £13 unwaged ***Spaces are limited*** WORKSHOP FAQS: http://www.embodiedmoves.com/workshop-faqs.html FACILITATOR INFO: http://www.embodiedmoves.com/about.html

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Delving into Desire

Bonnington Centre

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