What we're about

Healing and manifesting. The principle of this system is that if you cannot manifest the things you want in life, it is because there are programs in your subconscious that stop you.

The workshops are designed to help people find beliefs, programs, agreements, or pacts, created in this life and/or other lives that have created the life in the present.

Emotions are behind these programs. We will find, heal and replace these detrimental and damaging programs, with conscious statements that will become the new programs. (Like a computer: delete one program and create another)

The principles behind this system will be explained thoroughly. When the conscious brain understands the reasons as to why the previous beliefs were created, it then becomes eager to let those programs go and create new ones.

This group is for people who are willing to expand emotionally and spiritually and who are eager to explore their power as spiritual beings.

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Healing and Manifesting @ New & Full Moon

Needs a location

Healing Your Emotions&Manifesting. Talk & Energy work

The October Gallery, 'The Club Room'


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