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SYMPOSIUM on the occasion of 130 years from the birth of Nikos Kazantzakis

Organized by the Kazantzakis Publications, and the Press Office and the Education Office of the Embassy of Greece in the U.K.

The Symposium which will be held in Greek and English, will conclude with a special screening of the three-time Academy Award winning film, Zorba the Greek (1964), click the link: ZORBA THE GREEK (

The Symposium is free to all who wish to attend with no entrance fee, but kindly confirm attendance at

You can arrive any time between 8.30am-17.45!

We will meet inside the Hellenic Centre. I will email you my mobile number a few days prior to the event so that you can text me when you will arrive at the Centre.

Please click here for more information: KAZANTAKIS SYMPOSIUM (

This is a unique opportunity to attend talks (in one place, in one day: the 130th anniversary of Kazantzakis birth) by: Peter Bien, R. Beaton, L. Owen and T. Maskaleris:

1. Emeritus Professor Peter Bien (Dartmouth College, USA), click the link: P. BIEN (

(P. Bien: Kazantzakis Politics of the Spirit (

2. Professor Roderick Beaton (King’s College London),

click the link: R. BEATON (

(R. Beaton: George Seferis: Waiting for the Angel (

3. Dr. Lewis Owens, click the link: L. Owens (

4. Professor Thanasis Maskaleris, click the link: T. Maskaleris (

For the program, click the link: Program (

The main talks and events in English:

R. Beaton, (9.30am); P. Bien (approx: 10.30am); L. Owens (approx: 12.30);

T. Maskarelis (approx: 13.30);

16.45: String Quartet Quattro Elementi Mikis Theodorakis-Zorbas ballet Suit No 2

17.45: Screening of the three academy award winning film: Zorba the Greek.

"We set out with many fellow strugglers, many ideas, a great escort. But as we ascended and as the summit shifted and became more remote, fellow strugglers, ideas, and hopes kept bidding us farewell; out of breath, they were neither willing nor able to mount higher. We remained alone, our eyes riveted upon the Moving Monad, the shifting summit. We were swayed neither by arrogance nor by the naïve certainty that one day the summit would stand still and we would reach it; nor yet, even if we should reach it, by the belief that there on high we would find happiness, salvation, and paradise. We ascended because the very act of ascending, for us, was happiness, salvation, and paradise. (1965:p. 495, Report to Greco, Translated by P. Bien)

For more information click the following links:

Youtube (; InterKriti (; The Last Temptation (1988 Movie) (; Askitiki (; Interview (in French) (

All our events are organised by dedicated volunteers and we have a "no show" policy that applies to ALL events of the London European Club. Please do not RSVP if you don't have a ticket for this event.


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