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LEC Movie night: Divided We Fall (Musíme si pomáhat)

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A man and a woman battle with deceit and infidelity as they struggle to survive Hitler's fascist regime in this 2000 Czech drama by director Jan Hrebejk. Marie and Josef Cizek are a couple living in a small Czechoslovakian village during the Nazi occupation of World War II. Marie and Josef's marriage is showing signs of strain as a result of the political tensions surrounding them, as well as frustrations over their inability to have children due to Josef's sterility.

When a neighbouring Jewish family is deported and sent to Theresienstadt, their son David manages to escape, and the Cizeks warily agree to hide him in their home. An acquaintance of the couple, Horst Prohazka, has become a Nazi collaborator and a minor local functionary with the party; he's never made a secret of his interest in Marie, and he now uses his new authority to pay a number of uninvited visits to the Cizeks' modest home.

Marie and Josef begin to suspect that Horst knows they're hiding David, so when Horst asks the couple to board a Nazi clerk in their spare bedroom, they have to quickly fabricate a plausible excuse to keep him away. Marie tells Horst they need the spare room as a nursery, because they will soon be expecting a baby. Now, in order to make the lie real, Marie must convince David to impregnate her; this will keep the Nazis at bay and allow her to have the baby she's wanted, but it drives an even deeper wedge between herself and Josef.

Awards: Nominated for an Oscar. 15 wins and 3 nominations.

The director Jan Hrebejk won the Fipresci Prize at the Cottbus Film Festival of Young East European Cinema for "daring an approach to the theme of collaboration which is rarely seen in contemporary film, as well as for the simple human statement that good people can be found on both sides of historical barricades".

Running time: 120 minutes The movie will start at 7.30pm, but there is enough space for you to join us beforehand and make use of the bar and space.

Please note that we show this movie for educational purposes within our club. This is a strict members only event. Please do not embarrass yourself (and us) by bringing a guest, who we would need to turn away.

Please note that we ask members for a contribution of £3 to allow us to budget for future events. Your support is very much appreciated! Thanks.

The upstairs bar will be opened for us from 7.00pm and please order any drinks and food at this bar. Please note that the kitchen will close at 9.00pm, so if you want to have food you will need to order before then.


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