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How to look Parisian-update your spring look

Price: £39.00 /per person

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Spring is officially here and you need a serious update of your hair and make up. Why not learn a few tips and tricks and go French this season? French women have a certain sense of style whether they are 18 or 80, tousled hair a statement red lip and a certain nonchalance. It's hard to not want to know what they are doing so right. You certainly don't need to be French to have the style.

While it may seem as though French women were born with glowing complexions and perfectly undone hair, that's just not the case. Beneath the façade of effortless natural beauty there is a lot of thought and a unique attitude. To learn from the experts the European Club is taking you to Simplicity Remastered, a salon located in central London. This small home style salon makes for a relaxed atmosphere in which you can ask all about Frenchness that you ever wanted to know and even bring your own bottle of wine to share it with other Europeans. They will provide the teas and coffee.

The stylist who will be working on your hair is Marianna, a native New Yorker of Greek origin who moved to London a few years ago and built a black book of private clientele. She is a L'Oreal Colour expert and Vidal Sassoon alumni.

The make up artist is Alexandra, who started working in fashion as a hobby a few years ago, and about two years ago started working on fashion shows, short movies, adverts and professional photo shoots.

She will not only do your make up, but will also teach you how to do the French look in a few steps. So bring your own palette and she will arm you with knowledge that French women have learned from their mothers and grandmothers.

The Cost:

£39 iclude not only a haircut and consultation on hair and make up, but also the professional make up and professionally made photos which you can keep if you allow Marianna and Alexandra to use them on their professional web sites.

The Plan:

1)Please pay via Paypal when you RSVP.

2) Indicate the time when you'd like to visit the salon. We are starting at 11am and we will be finishing at 8pm. This meetup is limited in numbers, because each hair consultation and each make up consultation will be custom made for you.

3) Buy some drinks and snacks to share with the Europeans.

4) Arrive on time and bring your smiling self ready to be armed with knowledge.

5) Come out looking amazing and conquer the World.

Simplicity Remastered will be exclusively opened for Europeans on the 29th. We will have a stylist, make up artist and photographer on site which is why we have to take prepayments. If you only choose to have hair or only make up consultation you still need to pay £39 because we are paying the professionals for their time. Be punctual.