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Online Learning: Constellations as a Tool for Problem-Solving & Decision-Making

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Greetings dear Constellations Explorers,

This is an invitation to an online learning session, it requires participants to connect via Username: einatilli

In this online practical learning session where I am teaching a set of tools created specifically for my private, organisational and corporate clients. These tools supports the dealing and working through problems or challenges that persist in day to day life or work environment. We will be using the deep and insightful Constellations method to achieve better decision-making and problem-solving.

Each aspect of our life and work can present its own challenges, some are minor others can be debilitating. Decisions are made each and every moment in our daily pursuits. From the clothes to wear in the morning, making a financial investment or 'tying the knot' with a life partner, they simply form our life' path. Inefficiency in handling these processes can cause difficulties and can lead to being stuck in a desperate position or even a crisis.

How to ease ANY decision-making processes ?

How to remove stuckness, restore Flow and move-on with life ?

How to solve outstanding "brick wall" issues ?

How to gain insight by feeling what the other members of my system feels ?

Please join this online evening class and learn a simple yet profound method which gives you a very useful toolbox for life.

Advance payment is required by all participants for this very small and intimate group.

This session is limited to a maximum of 8 participants on a strict 'first come first served' basis. Advance payment is required to secure your place on this learning session.

Bank details for payment are:
Bank: HSBC
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Ref: DMC1810
Fee: £35

Please message me if you require further detail.

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