Vision to Venture, An Introduction to Business Coaching with Constellations


Dear Entrepreneurs / Constellations Explorers,

This is an invitation to look at your business venture or business idea, team or project from a new perspective. The Constellation method offers organisational coaching with profound insights into your professional and personal challenges at whichever stage your project or business may be.

In this practical session you are invited to bring along a challenge you now face in order to work through it with my guidance and with the support of the group in full confidentiality. I am teaching a tool created specifically for my organisational and business clients to support the resolution of problems and challenges that persist in the work environment.

We will be using the deep and insightful Systemic Constellations method to achieve better flow, resilience, decision-making and problem-solving capacities whether you are a team member or a team leader.

What Is Organisational Constellation ?

Constellations is a unique and deep exploration, diagnostic and interventional process of any system, be it a company, a project, an organisation or other professional entity. Working with Constellations highlights and bring to surface the forces and hidden dynamics that move and affect organisations and the individuals in it. Such dynamics can be reflected through difficult co-worker relationships, challenges in company growth, acute boardroom clashes and dissatisfied clients. This method provides a three-dimensional ‘map’ of the inner company situation as it is at present. It is a simple yet powerful way to explore and resolve challenges and blockages in an organisation of any type. The method brings clarity into challenges by focusing the organisation leaders on the root-cause of such difficulties. Constellations provide an opening for a positive and long lasting change and presents ways for adjusting current processes and strategies.

What happens in an Organisational Constellations Sessions ?

In Constellations work a ‘client’ is referred to as the ‘Issue Holder’ this will typically be an individual or a team at a management or team leading level. The method uses workshop participants as ‘Representatives’ to stand-in for key people in the organisation’s system such as partners, employees, shareholders, clients and even suppliers.

Each participant will create an individual constellation relating to their challenge as well as taking part in one group constellation selected by the facilitator from the issues at hand. Workshop participants often report experiencing profound insights into their own work and projects by taking part in the process.

Advance payment is required by all participants for this small and intimate group.

Please message me if you require further detail.

London School of Systemic & Family Constellations