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Every week on Friday until April 4, 2020

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Dear Constellation Explorers,

In-line with the latest need for 'Social Distancing' as a result of the Corona Virus spread, I am offering these online Skype sessions as well as a discounted first-timer's rate for those who are new to my work and new to the power of Constellations in whichever way it is done; face to face or via Skype.

Public awareness to the benefits of Systemic & Family Constellations work are gaining more and more momentum and yet many are not aware of the possibilities or the way this work is done 'remotely'. This is an invitation to encounter and engage with this powerful work in one-to-one Skype sessions.

In the years of offering remote therapy sessions I have developed tools and techniques that brings therapeutic depth and potent insights to clients in the comfort of their own home.

I am glad to present an exclusive offer for the members of this group to experience the work at a reduced rate of £75 (from £95) for a 1h15m Skype session. The Friday sessions can take place between 9am to 7pm, subject to availability and advance payment, it is offered to new clients only for the initial session. FOR ALL EXISTING CLIENTS & FOR SUBSEQUENT SESSIONS THE COST REMAINS £95.

You may wish to read what people are saying about the work I offer please do so at our Group Reviews segment:

For booking a private session please RSVP here or email: [masked]

What are Systemic Constellations ?

The Systemic Constellations method is a unique therapeutic process of exploration of the forces that move us in life. Such forces are often appearing as difficulties or a sense of stuckness in life, affecting our behaviour, relationships, career, health / wellbeing or even financial circumstances. This method provides a three-dimensional ‘map’ of one’s life as it is at present. It is a simple yet powerful way to explore entanglements and blockages in our personal life and in our family history. The method brings awareness and clarity into personal challenges by focusing the client on the root cause of such difficulties.

What happens in a Constellations Skype session ?

In Constellations work the ‘client’ is referred to as the ‘Issue Holder’.
The remote method uses Constellations and other guided visualisation tools, sometimes combined with floor-markers to experience Representation of key people and events in the client’s life. Such representatives can be parents or other family members, partners, ex partners, colleagues etc. sometimes ‘abstract’ concepts such as an emotion, country of origin, religion or destiny are also represented.

Why Does This Work ?

Scientific research shows that the experiences of your ancestors can determine your behaviour today and affect future generations.** Recent scientific research into DNA reveals that a component named Epigenetic is embedding the effect of a traumatic experience by altering the genetic structure. It means that some of our behaviour patterns can be attributed to traumatic events in your family history. This notion has always been one of the guiding principles of Systemic / Constellations Therapy, a form of work that is dedicated to exposing and dealing with issues emerging from our family system.

** DNA research paper and news links:

Discover - Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes

BBC News - "Memories" pass between generations

Facilitated by Illi Adato MA Lon. Inst. GQHP. Crt(HYP). Crt(COACH). - Systemic, Organisational & Family Constellations ISCA Reg. | Hypnotherapy GHR & IHF Reg. | Tune-In Counselling | Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist™ |

Looking forward to another moving experience,
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