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Let’s face it, being a fashion designer and entrepreneur in today’s world is not easy. Designing your fashion line dealing with manufactures finding the right customers correct funding resources, and adjusting to today technology world.

The pressures, the stigmas, and the walls we must break through every day can be exhausting.

Building the confidence to believe in ourselves and feel good about how we are can make the difference between success and failure, between being happy or sad, and between making the right friends or being lonely. This group is for entrepreneurs and innovators in the fashion retail and technology sector, who don’t want to go at it alone. Join our growing community of like-minded founders who love fashion, innovation, startup challenges, and lifestyle, that want to learn the tools to being sucsessful in today fashion world, no matter what curveballs life throws at us.

We are going to teach and do workshops on

• how to overcome your fears

• How to find your perfect investor

• How to pitch like a pro

• sourcing products and manufactures

• How to adjust to new technology

• How to break through walls that holding you down

The reality is knowledge is power and when you get it from experts that have done it many times before it's even better

And that is why we have regular guest speakers who are entrepreneurs, influencers, life couches to inspire you to be your best. You will learn how to use your mind as a tool for becoming, successful entrepreneur, meet amazing people who lead by example. Whether it’s fear of putting yourself out there, the challenges of finding a good team, or not knowing how to deal with the stresses of fundraising when you are surrounded by successful people, you become more confident and you can overcome any obstacle!

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