What we're about

This is the Meetup Group for people who love comedy shows, films & musicals with free entry for a limited amount of MeetUp members to our and other events

We work alongside

1Musicals Productions ...... https://www.facebook.com/1musicals/


WWCSFF Film Festivals ...... https://www.facebook.com/wwcsff/

Some of the events coming up are

Prince Harry In 2084 : A Comedy Musical

Ron Jeremy : The Musical


London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival

London X4 -Seasonal Short Film Festival

We will also be arranging MeetUps at stand up comedy clubs!

Come see our comedy musicals before we showcase them at arts festivals in the UK and beyond and check out some of the best short films in the world at our film festivals.
All shows are free (for a limited amount of spaces) and we really welcome feedback and input from our audiences to help us create the best shows possible. Of course if you just want to sit back and enjoy that's fine too.
This is a chance to be a part of an exciting new creative and highly original endeavour in London. And a great place to meet others who love comedy, film and musicals.

We will arrange special seating for MeetUp Members and make sure everyone has a great time before and after the show.

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