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The future of Global Healthcare, with Lois Macklin

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Organised by Health 2.0 London with support from London Futurists and WFS (World Future Society) Europe Chapter.

This event examines the future of Global Healthcare, with a talk by Dr Lois Macklin, a leading Canadian futurist. In her presentation, Dr. Macklin will:

Examine the forces and factors that will shape global healthcare in the future Provide new insights into emerging opportunities Identify economic, legal, and social challenges presented by a global healthcare system. There is no charge to attend this event. However, places are limited.

Important: To attend, please RSVP on the Health 2.0 London meetup page: (At the time of writing, there are still around 40 places available.)

Please only RSVP Yes if you are able to attend; if you RSVP Yes and subsequently find you cannot attend, please re-visit the site and change your RSVP.

About this talk:

The fast-evolving intersection between healthcare and digital technologies is creating significant decision making uncertainty for consumers, healthcare professionals, policy makers, and private investors. This talk addresses these uncertainties.

The Internet, combined with advances in digital technologies and affordable international travel, has severed the geographic links between healthcare providers and consumers, offering new options to receive and deliver healthcare services, information and products that were previously unavailable. The result is a burgeoning global health care system shaped by personal need, economic opportunity and technological innovation.

Healthcare delivery provides a classic example of the tension between individual and collective rights. The new system lacks both regulation and control. While digitally empowered individuals are driving the growth of this new global healthcare system, its trans-boundary nature is forcing a re-evaluation of national healthcare policy, established standards of practice and current business models.

The 21st century heralds the era of doctors and patients without borders. Many global jurisdictions and private sector players have undertaken significant investment strategies to capitalize on a growing global market potentially worth trillions of dollars. The challenge for all is to understand the implications of this rapidly evolving environment.

About the speaker:

Dr. Lois Macklin B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D., RPF

Dr. Macklin offers expertise in the generation of advanced business intelligence, strategic decision making and Foresight.

She has recently returned to the private sector after a ten year career with the government of Alberta; her most recent role being that of Principal Business Advisor for Foresight at Alberta Innovates -Technology Futures, a provincially owned research organization.

In that position, Dr. Macklin had responsibility for the conceptualization and implementation of Foresight activities designed to inform current policy decisions in a way that would strategically position the province of Alberta as a global innovation and research leader. Her work covered various topics of significance to Alberta, including the future of healthcare.

Prior to joining the Alberta government, Dr. Macklin headed a consulting firm that provided a suite of management and planning activities for resource-based industries in western Canada.

Dr. Macklin has a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Policy Development. Her research focused on using Scenario-based planning to improve the public policy development process. She is a member of the World Future Society, the Association of Professional Futurists, the Institute of Corporate Directors, and the College of Alberta Professional Foresters.