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Hangout on Air: Priority actions for a positive 2025

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Rather than just talking about potential future scenarios, what should people actually be doing to boost the chances that society in, say, 2025 will be something that is more attractive and desirable than today's?

2025 is well beyond the current political election time horizons, and exceeds the planning framework of most business leaders. But technology has the potential to drive huge changes in human experience between them and now. How should we prepare?

This London Futurists Hangout On Air ( will feature a live discussion between a number of the speakers from the forthcoming Anticipating 2025 ( event: Ben McLeish, Rohit Talwar, David Pearce, and M Amon Twyman.

The panellists will be sharing their views on

• The key roadblocks ahead,

• The enablers that most need nourishing,

• The structures that most need reform,

• Psychological and ethical shifts that will enable society to make the transition to a better future,

• "Essential" actions vs. "nice to consider" actions and "distraction" actions.

Live questions:

Viewers of the live broadcast on Google+ will be able to vote in real time on questions and suggestions to be discussed by the panellists as the Hangout proceeds. Give '+1' votes to the suggestions you most like.

Event hashtag:

#Anticipating2025 (

Event logistics:

This event will take place between 7pm and 8.15pm UK time on Sunday 16th February.

Click here ( to find these times in a different timezone.

You can view the event:

• On Google+ at this event page (, where you'll also be able to vote on questions to be submitted to the panellists

• Via YouTube here (

There is no charge to participate in this discussion.

Note: There is no central physical location for this meetup. However, you may consider meeting with a few friends in the same locality, and watching the event together.

Note also that panellists are subject to change, depending on personal circumstances nearer the time.

About Ben McLeish:

Ben McLeish is one of the principal organisers of The Zeitgeist Movement ( in the UK, and is an accomplished speaker and presenter. He is a graduate of the University of Warwick, where he studied English, Literary and Cultural Theory.

Founded in 2008, The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) is a Sustainability Advocacy Organization which conducts community based activism and awareness actions. The defining goal of TZM ( is the installation of a new socioeconomic model based upon technically responsible Resource Management, Allocation and Distribution through what would be considered The Scientific Method of reasoning problems and finding optimized solutions.

This “Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy” is about taking a direct technical approach to social management as opposed to a Monetary or even Political one. It is about updating the workings of society to the most advanced and proven methods Science has to offer, leaving behind the damaging consequences and limiting inhibitions which are generated by our current system of monetary exchange, profits, corporations and other structural and motivational components.

About Rohit Talwar:

Rohit Talwar ( is a Global Futurist and Founder of Fast Future Research ( He is an award winning speaker on future insights and strategic innovation – addressing leadership audiences in over 60 countries on 6 continents. He focuses on helping global corporations, governments and NGO’s anticipate, understand and respond to the ideas, developments, forces and trends shaping the future. He has particular interests in emerging science and technology and the challenges of embedding foresight and future thinking in organisations.

Rohit is currently leading client studies on the timeline for the next 100 years, science and technology developments shaping the next 50 years, human enhancement, disruptive forces for business, the future impacts of technology on the legal sector and the shadow economy. He is the author of Designing your Future and contributes regularly to a range of business, technology and news publications around the world. His clients include 3M, American Express, Astra Zeneca, IBM, Intel, GE, Microsoft, Pfizer, SAP, and Shell.

About David Pearce:

David Pearce ( is an independent researcher based in Brighton UK. In 1995, he wrote an online manifesto,The Hedonistic Imperative (, advocating the use of biotechnology to abolish suffering throughout the living world. He has also written on the philosophy of mind and perception; utilitarian ethics; psychopharmacology; life extension; cognitive enhancement technologies; mood enrichment; genetic recalibration of the hedonic treadmill; ecosystem redesign; reprogramming predators; and – more speculatively – on a posthuman future based on “paradise engineering”.

In 1998, in collaboration with Nick Bostrom, David Pearce set up the World Transhumanist Association ( – subsequently rebranded as Humanity+ (

About M Amon Twyman:

M Amon Kalkin ( is a self-described Transhumanist, who believes that both individuals and society can be improved through the compassionate and intelligent use of technology.

Born in New Zealand and based in London, he is both a cognitive scientist interested in human and machine awareness, and an electronic, multimedia and performance artist. Amon is the founder of the Zero State ( movement, having originally envisaged it as a socially aware and action-oriented Futurist community, with an emphasis upon mutual support and equal respect for the sciences and arts.