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H+Pedia (, a project supported by London Futurists, is an initiative to spread accurate, accessible, non-sensationalistic information about transhumanism among the general public.

This London Futurists Hangout On Air is an opportunity for people to learn more about H+Pedia, to discuss ways to collaborate to enhance the site, and to review plans to increase the momentum of the project.

The discussion will be led by the people who have, up till now, contributed the most information to H+Pedia: Chris Monteiro and David Wood.

Options to take part in this Hangout are as follows:

1.) View the discussion from the G+ page . From here, if you are logged into a G+ account, you'll be able to raise text questions via the Q&A app in the video window (and to give +1 votes to other questions that you believe should be addressed by panellists)

2.) View the discussion on YouTube, here:

3.) Join the panel discussion (in which case the feed from your camera and microphone will be broadcast as part of the Hangout) via this link: . (The number of panellists is limited, so only click on that link if you are seriously thinking of becoming an H+Pedia contributor. And in this case, you should ensure that your browser has already installed the latest Google Hangout software, ahead of joining the call.)

This Hangout On Air will start at 6pm UK time on Sunday 6th December, and run for one hour. Click here ( to see these times in a different timezone.

There is no charge to participate in this discussion.

Note: There is no central physical location for this meetup. However, you may consider meeting with a few friends in the same locality, and watching the event together.

About H+Pedia:

H+Pedia can be found at .

Since its creation in July, H+Pedia has already grown to around 200 pages of information.

Topics covered by H+Pedia include (or will include):

• Transhumanism ( - what transhumanism is (and isn't)

• Futurism ( - the general field of foresight studies, of which transhumanism can be seen as a specialisation

• Accelerating technology ( - the technologies with a potentially accelerating trajectory that are of particular interest to transhumanists

• The Singularity ( - an envisaged future time period of exceptionally rapid transformation, that frequently arises in discussions about transhumanism

• Existential risks ( - potential developments that could drastically (or even totally) reduce the capabilities of humankind, contrary to the transhumanist initiative

• Community ( - notable organizations and groupings within the broad overall transhumanist community

• Humanity+ ( - the global transhumanist organization which was founded in 1998 as the World Transhumanist Association

• Philosophy ( - areas of philosophy where transhumanists tend to have distinctive views

• Art ( - poetry, novels, films, music, paintings, sculpture, fashion, and multimedia, viewed through the transhumanist lensPolitics ( - political initiatives that have significant support within at least parts of the transhumanist community

• Transhumanist political organisations ( - including the Transhumanist Party (

• Projects ( - information on projects where volunteers from the transhumanist community can contribute their time, skills, and resources.

The declared goal of H+Pedia ( is that within twelve months of its formation, the site will be widely regarded - by mainstream media, business planners, academics, and the general public - as a reliable, useful, authoritative source of information on transhumanism.

H+Pedia welcomes constructive contributions from everyone interested in the future of humanity.