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Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work

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Birkbeck College

Torrington Square WC1E 7HX · London

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We'll be in room B36, on the basement level

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Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work is a major new book that argues for a novel set of alternatives for the future - alternatives which seek to rekindle a popular modernity. The book lists three "demands" on its front cover: Demand full automation, Demand basic universal income, and Demand the future.

At this London Futurists event, the authors of this book (, political scientists Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, present their vision for that better future, along with their analysis of shortcomings in recent political movements.

This book claims that the emancipatory and future-oriented possibilities of our society can be reclaimed. Instead of running from a complex future, the authors envisage a post-capitalist economy which is capable of advancing living standards, liberating humanity from work, and developing technologies which free us from biological and environmental constraints.

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Selected praise for "Inventing the Future"

“A powerful book: it not only shows us how the postcapitalist world of rapidly improving technology could make us free, but it also shows us how we can organise to get there. This is a must-read.”
—Paul Mason, author of Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future

“Srnicek and Williams demonstrate how a sustainable economic future is less a question of means than of imagination. The postcapitalist world they envision is utterly attainable, if we can remember that we have been inventing the economy all along.”
—Douglas Rushkoff, author of Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now

“A future free from work might seem unrealistic, but it is actually the elephant in the room that [David] Cameron et al. would rather you ignored. Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams’ fabulous study opened my eyes to the role technology might play in making society possible again.”
—Peter Fleming, author of the Mythology of Work, from the Times Higher Education Supplement

“Neoliberalism and austerity seem to reign supreme—the idea of a society not run for profit seems impossible. Or does it? The fascinating Inventing the Future by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams argues for a radical transformation of society.”
—Owen Jones, New Statesman books of the year 2015

“Inventing the Future is exactly what we need right now. With immense patience and care, it sets out a clear and compelling vision of a postcapitalist society. Equally importantly, it lays out a plausible programme which can take us from 24/7 capitalist immiseration to a world free of work.”
—Mark Fisher, author of Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?

“Most important book of 2015.″
—Aaron Bastani, co-founder of Novara Media

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About the speakers:

Nick Srnicek is the author of Platform Capitalism (Polity, forthcoming) and Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work (Verso, 2015, with Alex Williams). He is a PhD graduate in International Relations from LSE.

Alex Williams is a PhD student at the University of East London working on a thesis entitled Complexity & Hegemony.

Meeting logistics:

2pm-4pm, Saturday 20th August 2016.

Venue: Room B36, Birkbeck College (, Torrington Square WC1E 7HX, London.

Room B36 is on the basement level in the main Birkbeck College building, in Torrington Square (which is a pedestrian-only square). Torrington Square is about 10 minutes walk from either Russell Square or Goodge St tube stations.

Coffee and other light refreshments can be purchased from the Costa Coffee shop in the reception area of the building, either ahead of or after the meeting.

The event will be followed by a chance to continue the discussion in a nearby pub - The Marlborough Arms (, 36 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HJ.

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Journalists are welcome to attend the meeting free-of-charge - please contact the organiser, notifying us in advance of your plans to attend.