What we're about

We're gay, we're Dads, we're talking over a pint.

Wherever you are in your journey, you’re not alone: Other Dads are experiencing the same issues and worries, some have struggled along to a brighter place.

The group is inclusive and respectful. GayDads attending are out, in and every stage between; single, partnered, married, civilly-unioned, divorced etc.; Some guys had kids with an ex-wife, some are parents by surrogacy. We are every kind of 'rainbow family.'

We find that meeting up now and again is fun and helps.

Wherever you're at, at London Gay Dads Meetups there’s always a warm welcome.

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Come Distance PICNIC with other gay guys who have kids (11 Jul 2020)

This fun open air meet-up will be full of smiles, laughs and good-natured banter. Guys who have children, chatting from 2m (or will it be 1m by then?!?) apart over a the picnic lunch they brought for themselves/theirs! Kids of all ages especially welcome to this meetup since not in a pub. IMPORTANT: PLEASE, IF YOU ARE COMING, JOIN THE LGDM WHATSAPP GROUP SO THAT IF WE HAVE TO POSTPONE DUE TO WEATHER ETC. WE CAN LET YOU KNOW THAT MORNING. SEARCH LDGM MEMBERS FOR "GLYN" AND JUST MESSAGE HIM A ONE-LINER WITH YOUR MOBILE NUMBER. So that we're not too far apart from one another for easy conversation, if we have a bigger turnout, we might split into groups and then do one or more 'rotation moments' between the groups so that everyone gets to mix. Obviously, somewhat winging it on the logistics, so please 'bear' with ;-) We know the particular struggles of being gay and a father. We make it work, for us it is normal. It’s a relaxing, fun, positive, encouraging meet. First-time members specially looked out for and warmly welcomed. We don't do 'cliquey.' This meetup is about helping GayDads and those who care about 'em be connected with each other; inevitably Dads share experiences/ideas/resources that help each other; this isn't done "formally" - no 'talks' etc., but it happens every time, often a lot, guess that's what makes meeting up in person special. People come along as singles and couples, younger, older, out, not out, still married to a woman, divorced, trans and everything in between. 'Wannabe-Dads' and women are welcome too. Every racial group and faith/no faith background has come and been warmly included. Basically everyone from every imaginable background with an interest in gay fathering is welcome ** _ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE IS WELCOME_ ** If you RSVP "Yes" one of the leaders will know to be on the lookout for you but you can just turn up though too, we understand and respect some people’s need for confidentiality. We'll try to fly an LGDM logo flag, and to sit within sight of Sophie Ryder's unmissable giant Crawling hare installation. AGAIN, PLEASE JOIN THE WHATSAPP GROUP SO WE CAN MESSAGE ALL ATTENDEES (UP TO NOT LONG BEFOREHAND) IF WEATHER FORCES POSTPONEMENT OR LOCATION HAS TO CHANGE. [The group receives regular inbound from media, inclusive casting agencies, various other organisations and individuals with all kinds of offers for, or requests of, London GayDads. Rather than spam our members, we put them up on the About/Pages section of the Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/London-Gay-Dads-Meetup/about/) and try to remember to bring the more recent ones to your attention here in the footer of each Meetup Invite Description. We obviously can't vet these, so please "proceed with care."]

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