Sound Bath at Chisenhale Dance Space (Fortnightly)

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Price: £13.00 /per person

Clisenhale Dance Space

64-84 Chisenhale Road, E3 5QZ · London

How to find us

3rd floor (small studio) Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before starting time for registration. We will start the session at 6pm sharp.

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We are collaborating with Chisenhale Dance Space every first and third Sunday of the month to offer 'Sound Baths' to their creative community.

Having a Sunday ‘Sound Bath’ is a lovely way to recharge and rejuvinate yourself for the week ahead. Guests will be invited to lay down on yoga mats, close their eyes and experience a deep listening experience as they are saturated and cocooned in sounds. Two Gong Practitioners, 'SonicSoul' & 'Sound Interventions' will endeavour to deliver sound frequencies to the human body through the ears and directly through the skin, as a sound massage.

During our sessions, we will be working with 4 gongs, various himalayan singing bowls, a shruti box, bells, a frame drum, koshi wind chimes, cactus rainsticks, nutshell shakers, tingshaw bells, Peruvian rattles, croaking frog güiro's, cabasa's, power chimes, kalimba's, a sansula, and bamboo leaf rattles.

The space has great acoustics and provides an intimate and cosy atmosphere. The Gongs will be set up by each practitioner at opposite sides of the room, creating Gong-Surround-Sound, as they attempt to entrain the left and right hemispheres of your brain.


£15 exchange (payment on the door)

£13 pre-paid (paypal) / concession (students & pensioners).

The doors open at 5:45pm. The Sound Bath starts at 6pm SHARP. Unfortunately, we are not able to let people gain entry into this event once it has started. Please do not knock on the door or attempt to gain entry once you can hear that sounds have commenced.

(Following the Sound Bath we can gather in the lounge area and kitchen, with tea and coffee making facilities, phone, b/w and colour photocopying services, printing, free Wifi access).

* If you are unable to attend after RSVP-ing can you please let us know, so that we can offer the place to someone on the waiting list, thank-you.


The term 'Sound Bath' implies that you are bathed in the sound waves of the gong and other instruments. There is no water involved, and you are not required to remove any clothing. You simply lie down on mats, wrap yourself in a blanket and relax while you are cocooned in live sounds. A concert with your eyes closed.

Yoga mats & lavender eye pillows will be provided to all guests, however, to enhance the sound journey could guests please bring a light blanket with them, for comfort and to stay warm. As places are limited, the choice of mats and proximity to the gongs and instruments is on a first-come first-serve basis.


A Sound Bath is a natural form of healing and is completely safe if practiced by a qualified sound Practitioner. Sound baths should be used to complement medical treatment and one should never discontinue medical treatments or medicines without permission from their doctor.

A Sound Bath is not recommended for pregnant women under 12-weeks, due to the unstable nature of any pregnancy during this first trimester. If a session is attended a disclaimer must please be signed.

Conditions such as Tinnitus and Epilepsy, which are sound sensitive, may be triggered by sound; metal implants, pins and screws may be affected by the vibrations; and the rhythm of a pacemaker may also be affected.