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This event is free, you just pay for any food and drink consumed, but donations to Wateraid (http://www.wateraid.com) are welcomed, via a collection box on the day.

Interested? You're welcome to RSVP 'Yes' without commitment!
As with most of my events, feel free to drop in and out along the way.

At my suggestion (https://www.facebook.com/VeganPizzas/posts/138116836371764), this year's Vegan Pizza Day (http://veganpizzaday.com/) has been confirmed for Saturday June 29th, so we're returning to Harrow to celebrate.

The Karma Free Pizza Company (http://www.karmafreepizza.com/) are opening up especially for us once again (http://www.meetup.com/vegetarian-419/events/27202461/), so we can eat vegan pizza from noon (open until 10pm).

Last year I asked Smythie if he could write us a song; he made a complete video!

Around 2pm, we'll be walking/tubing to sample other veg*n delights in the area (https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=The+Karma+Free+Pizza+Company,+387+Alexandra+Avenue,+London+HA2+9EF,+United+Kingdom&daddr=Saravanaa+Bhavan,+Alexandra+Avenue,+Harrow,+United+Kingdom+to:Natraj,+Station+Road,+Harrow,+United+Kingdom+to:Rams,+Kenton+Road,+Kenton,+Harrow,+United+Kingdom+to:Sangeetha+Vegetarian+Restaurant,+Kenton+Road,+Harrow,+United+Kingdom+to:Only+Eggless+Cakes+%2F+Eggfree+Cakes,+Kenton+Road,+Harrow,+United+Kingdom+to:Sakonis,+Station+Road,+Harrow,+United+Kingdom+to:Sk+Chaat+House,+Station+Road,+Harrow,+United+Kingdom+to:Yummy+V,+Station+Road,+Harrow,+United+Kingdom+to:Star+Lounge,+Railway+Approach,+Harrow,+United+Kingdom&dirflg=w&t=m), including vegan cream cakes from Only Eggless (http://www.onlyeggless.com/), the only Vegetarian Society approved and Vegan Society registered cake shop.

Later, for those not attending Sara's Pomodoro E Basilico (http://www.volentia.com/group/volentianpizzalovers?commentId=3452202%3AComment%3A648652) event, we've food, drinks and music at Star Lounge (http://www.starloungebar.com/), with its 280 capacity.

Open from 5pm, for those wanting tea early, 'til 2am, for the revellers! The Vegan Tart (http://www.thevegantart.co.uk/) and Only Eggless (http://www.onlyeggless.com/) will be selling vegan cakes again.

Robb (idiotech (http://www.idiotech.com/about)) and MIRAI (Future Boy (http://earthacademy.org/intelligentsia/about)) are DJing again, along with Darren, who'd hurt his back last year, then had to leave us for a gig.

There's optional speed dating (http://www.meetup.com/vegetarian-419/events/125018522/) at 6pm (registration from 5pm), with 'Veg*n Singles Event - Take Free!' after last year's 100+ guest event (http://www.meetup.com/londonvegan/events/64094322/).

VeggieVisionDating kindly put together a video of last year's event at Star Lounge.