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LamdaCube 3D - On Tour!

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LambdaCube 3D ( (GitHub (, Blog ( is a domain specific language and library that makes it possible to program GPUs in a purely functional style.

Csaba Hruska (, the main author of LambdaCube 3D will give an overview and they plan some live coding and, if there is time, a coding dojo as well.

They have been (sporadically) working on LambdaCube since 2009, with it originally being intended as a drop-in replacement for Ogre3D ( Early on, it was submitted it to the Jane Street Summer Project program and ended up as a finalist. A monadic layer was added but trying to shoehorn an imperative API into a purely functional language felt like a dead-end.

So, back to the drawing board, taking inspiration from GPipe, a purely functional model of the rendering pipeline was created. The goal was an independent DSL, but it started life as a Haskell EDSL. In 2013 LambdaCube Intermediate Representation (IR) was introduced on the path to the independent DSL. In 2014, work on the actual DSL started and Péter Diviánszky ( joined the team. In the last few months have been spent building the online editing environment.

They are now on a European Tour (, come and catch them as they pass through London!

College Building, St John Street · London. EC1V 4PB
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