Haxe London - HaxeFlixel for HTML5 & Shapes in Haxe

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6:00pm - Pizza and beer

6:30pm - An introduction to HaxeFlixel for HTML5 by Ciro Durán
HaxeFlixel is an engine that contains a lot of useful concepts to make 2D games very quickly. HaxeFlixel is based on OpenFL/Lime, and it uses these libraries to target the most popular platforms for releasing games: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, HTML5 and Flash. With some minimal conditional compilation, a single codebase is able to target many platforms.

HaxeFlixel began its life as a direct port of Flixel, the very successful Adamatomic's library, but it soon took advantage of Haxe's powerful constructs, which leverage Haxe's powerful compiler to help you keep tabs on your code and prevent runtime errors. In this talk I will give an interactive introduction to the engine and some of the concepts it uses, mostly oriented towards HTML5 and browser games.

Ciro Durán is a game developer based in London and working in Brighton (Boss Alien, Creative Assembly, Supermassive Games). Ciro develops personal games, generally related to his experience back home in Venezuela, and regularly participates in game jams. Ciro had its start with games using Macromedia (sic) Flash, and when he realised that Flash had run its course, adopted HaxeFlixel to easily port his games.

7:30pm - 5 minute break

7:35pm - Making Shapes in Haxe by Justin L Mills

Justin is a visual hacker, a 3rd generation watercolour teacher ( occasionally ). He scrapped through a Mathematics and Microelectronics degree - switching from an electronics career to flash in his early 30's, he has been passionate about Haxe as a creative medium for over 8 years. Occasionally Justin pretends to be a software engineer, but really he just loves to make shapes move round the screen, or a paintbrush across some paper.

Justin will be talking about creating, using and moving shapes, an exploration of Haxe - from pathfinding with triangles in Luxe, to Spiro's curves in Kha, to parsing SVG paths for WebGL, jigsaws in Swing and Zebras running across the Canvas.

We will have a quick Q&A session after each talk, so come join us on the night for a small workshop and some really interesting topics and some give aways!

We'll have a Steam copy of the HELP: THE GAME (http://store.steampowered.com/app/472770/HELP_THE_GAME/) bundle, a Titanium Fidget Spinner, Outgeek Magic Ball Puzzle And Stress Relieve Cube up for grabs on the night so please make sure you rsvp now!

See you all soon! (Live broadcast will also be available on the night).