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Make Profits of 20%+ With Your Cash Using Just 15mins/day

Forex is the BIGGEST market in the world: Over $3Trillion is traded DAILY. So how can you participate in this massive industry and make money consistently? Find out how in the next meetup from Rishi Patel and Thiru Nagappan.

Rishi and Thiru founders of Master the Markets have over 10 years’ experience trading Forex: they can teach YOU how to make profits of 20%+ in just 15mins/day, at <1% risk. Best of all, they are 100% transparent in every trade they make and they take a hands ON approach to their LIVE training and coaching. During their talk in the next meetup, Rishi and Thiru will show you how to:

Choose a strategy to suit your lifestyle and

free your time

Set your price with a small capital and

earn passive profits

Keep your risk low with less than 1% capital risk and

make safe returns

There will also be LIVE Analysis and Q&A on REAL trades

We look forward to seeing you at the next meetup.

Thiru and Rishi

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