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London Indie RPG Meetup

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How It Works

Come along for 12:00pm and meet folk. At 12:20 GM touting starts. Everyone who is going to run something says what it is they will run, up to how many players can be accommodated and what the game is about.

It might be GM led or it might be more of a story game with the expectation that everyone contribute equally. When this is complete everyone says what it is they want to play. If there's more of us we'll use sign up sheets and if there are fewer then it's easy to sort out.

At 12:30 your group grabs a table and starts playing! The slot finishes around 4:30pm. This process repeats at 4:45pm for the second slot which start at 5:00pm.

Games On Offer

Seiðstorm ( : Write a Seið-based scenario in the first slot, get someone to play it in the second. Mouse Guard ( : Fight for your Beliefs! On mighty War Geese! Paranoia Dark ( : A reverse-Paranoia hack in rules-lite form. The Final Voyage of The Selene ( : Witch-ish freeform in space! UnSpeakable (PDF) ( : A Cthulhu-hack for InSpectres. Cthulhu Dark ( : Rules-light Lovecraft. Lost Tales of Memories & Madness ( : Elves dicking one another over and stealing each other's memories. (This is just a rough flavour of the games that might be offered on the day. Loads more games will likely be offered.)


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