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Indiemeet's Midweek Extrameet (Tuesday)
For those of us who struggle to make it at weekends we’re now running two midweek evening sessions: the Indiemeet Midweek Extrameet! One on the first Wednesday and the other on the third Tuesday of every month. Being in the evening we’ll obviously not have enough time to run two sessions, but otherwise the format will be exactly the same. Turn up, pitch and play. How it works: Come along for 6.30pm and meet folk. At 7.00pm we head downstairs (door to the stairs if half way back on the right) and everyone who is going to run something pitches what it is they will run, up to how many players can be accommodated, and what the game is about. It might be GM led or it might be more of a story game with the expectation that everyone contributes equally. When this is complete, everyone says what it is they want to play. At 7.15pm your group grabs a table and starts playing! The slot finishes by around 10.15pm and we’re out by 10.30-11.00pm. Want to pitch for the first time at Indiemeet? We want to help: We love members stepping forward to pitch the games they love. If it’s your first time pitching at Indiemeet then tell a host and we’ll try to fill that game first. Newcomers Choice: We love to welcome new people to the meetup. So, if it’s your first visit to London Indiemeet, then we’ll ask you what you want to play and make sure that runs.

St Christophers Inn

121 Borough High Street · London

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Try new games, meet new people, and find out what small-press role-playing games are all about!

We play tabletop role-playing games and story games like Monsterhearts, Love in the Time of Seið, and Fiasco that encourage everyone at the table to participate creatively.

We also organise Playstorms for budding designers interested in creating their own games from scratch.

New players are very welcome. Please check when our next meetup is.

Indiemeet is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion. As a group we all take a personal responsibility in greeting new members. Please come and chat to one of our volunteers, who will be happy to introduce you to the rest of the group, and are available throughout the meet, should you have any concerns. Indiemeet is a safe space where everyone is welcome.

Some of the venues we use may not be wheelchair accessible. Please check in advance, so we can make sure we can accommodate any individual needs.

We believe that gaming is for everyone. Regardless of who you are, or your level of experience.

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