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The London Intellectual Dark Web Social
A social meetup with no structured agenda. Bring yourself, your brain, and enough money for a drink or two. It's a Sam Smith's pub, so you won't need a loan for a pint. We're usually sat in the back room of the pub around a large table.

The Earl of Lonsdale

The Earl of Lonsdale, 277-281 Westbourne Grove Notting Hill · London, W11 2QA

What we're about

The London Intellectual Dark Web is a group for freethinking individuals to meet each other and socialise on a regular basis.

Our meetups are a friendly and engaging event for any idea to be shared, discussed and examined in good faith.

Our conversations can run well into the night, sometimes with a few drinks, and can range from sharing personal journeys to heated debates about big ideas.

* * *

Our meetup is recommended for anyone who is interested in the ideas or work of:

• Jordan Peterson

• Ben Shapiro

• Dave Rubin

• Christina Hoff Sommers

• Owen Benjamin

• Eric & Bret Weinstein

• Heather Heying

• Jonathan Haidt

• Douglas Murray

• Ayaan Hirsi Ali

• Maajid Nawaz

• Sargon of Akkad

• Yaron Brook

• Thomas Sowell

• Claire Lehmann

• Michael Shermer

• Joe Rogan

• And more...

* * *

Topics for discussion aren't limited, but typically span:

• Politics and political discourse

• Philosophy and literature

• Immigration and multiculturalism

• Psychology and biology

• History and future of Western civilization

• The UK, Europe and the EU

• Enlightenment and renaissance ideas and thinking

• Gender and sexuality

• Individualism and objectivism

• Economics and the good/bad aspects of capitalism

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