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Aikido class for all abilities
This is our weekly aikido class, taught by Adam Cooper Sensei. It is open to practitioners of all abilities, including new starters who are interested in trying aikido for the first time. The first class is free, and is an opportunity to sample how we teach and learn aikido. The dojo is open from 6.30pm. Please do get in touch if you are keen to join us. About Isshinkai Aikido: Isshinkai's unique and gentle form of Aikido is the exhilarating physical practice of a series of astonishing ideas. It uses revolutionary habit-forming techniques of movement in combination with an easy-to-learn but powerful mental approach. The amazing results empower, liberate and energise, bringing greater awareness, balance, and wellbeing. By practising the Art of Abundant Peace with Isshinkai you will learn the skills to stay safe, physically and mentally, without resorting to violence yourself. You will learn with Teaching Staff who are among the most experienced, highly qualified and closely connected to the origins of Aikido. You don’t have to be an athlete to join our diverse, inclusive and encouraging community. In fact fit or unfit, we don’t mind! No one’s going to make you feel bad about where you’re starting from. And, for those looking for a challenge and to be stretched both physically and mentally, the possibilities are pretty much unlimited, and just as exciting. You can find more details on our website:

64 Tyers Street,

Vauxhall · London, SE11 5NL

What we're about

Real Aikido teaches us to protect ourselves and others by trained instinct. In other words, to move quickly and effectively, becoming neither victim nor helpless bystander.

In learning how to deal with conflict you will test your assumptions of what you are capable of, learn new skills and are likely to feel physically and mentally healthier, more energised, more confident and more mindful in your daily life.

Denis Burke Sensei, Isshinkai’s Chief Instructor, has spent 35 years understanding, refining and and transmitting Aikido’s harmonious movements on the basis of curiosity, honesty, generosity, respect and gratitude.

Our London classes are led by Adam Cooper Sensei, 1st Dan, who started learning aikido with Denis Burke Sensei over a decade ago.

Beginners should bring casual, clean, loose clothing, like jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, into which you'll change at the dojo, and flip-flops, or similar. Only fully clean feet are allowed to step onto the mat.

The first class is free for new attendees. For those who choose to join us, subsequent classes are £15 for attendees.

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