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London welcomes one of the biggest Italian communities in the world and I’d like to create a friendly space where the LGBTQ Italian speaking community can meet and share their passion for the language and the culture.
We aim to get a mix of native Italian speakers and not native.
• Italofono (di madrelingua italiana)?
• Ami la tua lingua e la tua cultura?
• Vorresti condividere questa passione con persone di altre lingue che vogliono praticare o migliorare la nostra lingue e conoscere la nostra cultura?
• Interessato a fare nuove amicizie a Londra?
• Una persona amichevole?
• Disponibile a venire ai nostri incontri durante il weekend al centro di Londra?
Allora dovresti iscriverti al nostro gruppo e venire alle nostre riunioni.
Are you:
• Learning or have learnt Italian?
• Able to hold at least a good basic conversation in Italian?
• Interested Italian culture?
• Looking to make Italian speaking friends?
• Looking to attend our events in person once a month (Fri, Sat or Sun) in central London?
Then you should join our meetup and attend our future events.
Our events will last 3 hours and will be a nice mix of language activities and talk-about-what-you-like provided it’s in Italian 😉

Note: You need to be able to hold a conversation in Italian. We are not teaching the language, we are helping you improving it. Therefore, this group may not be suitable for beginners.

We will have some language activities (quiz, reading comprehension article etc) based on a topic that gives the name to the event (E.g. L’espresso, Raffaella Carra’, Don Camillo e Peppone, etc). These will be done in pair or group and will be a good way to improve your vocabulary and learn interesting things whether you are native or learner. These activities are also interesting for native speakers as we treat topics taken from magazines that appeal to anyone.
We would also like to organise cinema events, concerts, picnic etc

I'd like us to meet once a month normally on the first Saturday of each month in central London (zone 1).

In the remaining 2/3 of the time you can talk in Italian with the other members of the group about anything you like.

The golden rule of this group and is to join as regularly as you possible can, relax, smile and speak Italian!
There is a small contribution of a couple of pounds to attend each of our events. This is because we have to develop and print the handouts used during our events, in addition to organisational aspect.
For privacy and security considerations for all of our members, all new membership requests will need to be pre-approved before anyone can have access to the contents posted in this group.

A few of you have said that they do not receive the email with the invitation to the events. If this is the case, check the email settings of the group and ensure you accept to receive emails from the group, if not you will never know when we are meeting 😉 Best to download the Meetup app to easily mange your reservations and stay in touch.

Please make sure you read The Reservation / Cancellation Process

- You need to RSVP (reserve) if you want to attend an event. You cannot just turn up at the event as we have limited space
- If the day of the event you can no longer attend, you can cancel your reservation till 12 pm. This gives other people the chance to attend and me to plan how much material I need to preparing/bring.
- Anyone cancelling after 12 or not cancelling and not turning up to the event, will be marked as No Show. It takes less than ONE min to cancel an event and I get really ANNOYED when people do not do it.
- If you do not follow this process for 2 times i.e. if you get 2 No Shows, you could be denied access to an event and your place given to a regular member on the waiting list. If you do it again and get No Shows, you will be removed from the group.
- I am happy to make exceptions to this rule if there are real emergencies and if you let me know.

Please make sure you read Waiting List Process

If you are on the waiting list it means that you are waiting for a place if someone cancels. If you change your mind, remove yourself from the waiting list so that other people can take your place. I suggest that you check the list of attendees from 1 pm of the day of the event to see if you are in or not. The system will also send you a notification email and via the app if you are ‘in’.
Please make sure you attend if you are ‘in’ to avoid a No Show.

Read here if you are not reciving emails or do not know how to use MeetUp


If you managed to read all this and in particular the info on the links above, then we want you in our group 😋

Allora iscrivetevi presto



For those wanting to brush up their language skills, I can suggest a free and interactive course from RAI Cultura. Here is the link for level A1 (complete beginners):


Here is also level A2 for some more expert beginners:


Here is level B1 for intermediate learners:


Here is level B2 for higher intermediate learners:


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