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Type Envy: 1st meetup of 2013

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Happy new year everybody,

As suggested at the last meetup of 2012, the next topic will be 'Type Envy'. This is a chance to talk about what you are envious of about other types. Personally I am very envious of some types abilities to multi-task and remember birthdays. One of the uses of type is to appreciate good things about other people, so this should be a very useful topic.

As usual, the topic is just a starting point for conversation that can go off in any direction. It is not like a formal debate.

Also, if you don't know much about type, do come along and we will tell you the basics and help you try to figure out what your type is. That is often an enlightening experience in itself.

What are you all envious of about other types? Come along and share your experience.


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