London Machine Learning NeurIPS Meetup- Saturday


UPDATE: Following our experience with the first night of talks, we have decided to focus more on short talks. We are therefore going to combine the two tracks for the whole day into a single track.

PLEASE NOTE: Sign-ups are now live! You should have received an email yesterday from the London Machine Learning Meetup mailing list containing a sign-up link for the event. Please also check your spam folder. If you have unsubscribed from mailing list emails and/or have not received the email for any reason, then please sign up via the Eventbrite link here:

Evolution AI and G-Research will be hosting the London NeurIPS meetup. We will be streaming keynotes and highlights from the 33rd NeurIPS conference held in Vancouver, with topics slanted towards NLP and Computer Vision. We will also host live sessions with AI researchers and practitioners, including local authors of accepted NeurIPS papers.

A creche, food and drinks will be provided.

See the agenda:

Why have local NeurIPS meetups?
- Reducing the need for air travel.
- Growing AI expertise around the world, including in underrepresented communities in tech, and driving innovation responsibly.
- Creating opportunities for researchers and practitioners who cannot physically attend due to space, visa, funding, and time constraints. PLEASE NOTE: CRECHE FACILITIES WILL BE AVAILABLE.

NB: by signing up for a free ticket, you are also signing up to the NeurIPS Code of Conduct which can be found here: