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The Whys and Hows of Goal Setting - Team Workshop

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What went wrong with the implementation of management by objectives, goal-setting in many companies?

How many of us are measured against some very little understood goals and KPIs that are set somewhere in top-management in our companies? How many of us have financial bonuses and performance evaluations attached to these goals? How many of us have a clear understanding of a higher company vision that drives these goals?

In too many groups, when I ask these questions, the answer is disastrous.

What if we turned the situation around and imagined a better possible future? A management 3.0 future where we have a culture of trust in our colleagues and have distributed leadership.

A workplace where we all share a joint, inspiring company vision and a company strategy that is understood by each employee? A place where we translate this vision to goals ourselves, at each part of the company – each colleague setting their own goals and measuring their own progress and contribution towards the vision? What if we finally replaced financial bonuses with more intrinsic rewards, such as challenging projects that enable to work with mastery, autonomy and purpose?


Rather than a talk, this time we propose to have an open discussion - in small groups, we will discuss different goal setting practices that we observed, read about or experienced ourselves. We will then summarise and come up with a collection of steps that can bring us closer to future!

Andrea will facilitate this meetup.

About Andrea Darabos

Andrea Darabos is a lean agile coach and trainer, she works with organizations to design awesome services and products via rapid experimentation, lean thinking and collaborative learning. She has experience working with various teams and multinationals across Europe, US, Canada and Asia, in any sector where software development is applied.

"While there is a lot of focus on practices and processes in Lean Agile transformations, I believe in the power of individuals to bring about change. When individuals start to question the status quo, change their own behaviours and inspire other team members to do so, then change happens." - says Andrea.

Andrea regularly trains on management 3.0 topics to help us all build better workplaces across the UK.

How other companies do it:

If you would like to read more stories about how companies like Google, Linkedin and Spotify use goal-setting to develop themselves and to drive innovation – read the Metrics Ecosystems chapter in Jurgen Appelo’s new Management #Workout book.

Tip: you don’t need to buy the book – you can access it for free in PDF format if you sign up to the newsletter. More info here:

Meetup Agenda:
Doors open: 6.15 pm
Evening starts promptly at 6.45 pm
Networking and pizza: 8.00 pm

Many thanks to Sky for hosting us and for sponsoring this event!

Grant Way

As this is a new venue, we will add a link to a map with directions later on.

Looking forward to see many of you at this meetup!