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6:30 pm: Arrive, food & drinks, networking

7:00 pm: Brief introductions

7:10 pm: Networking Monitoring at Scale by Sérgio Freitas (ThousandEyes)

7:50 pm: The Path to Serverless payments by Conrad Godfrey and Lee Nugent (Gousto)

8:30 pm: Finish, networking


Networking Monitoring at Scale
Sérgio Freitas, ThousandEyes

At ThousandEyes, we provide a platform for collecting, storing, visualizing and alerting based on performance-related metrics against network targets globally to help our customers measure and optimize the impact of dynamic network conditions on services they operate or leverage internally. Our platform continuously collects data in real-time from thousands of monitoring points, processing hundreds of millions of events per hour.

In this talk we will cover the progression of our architecture that seamlessly adapted to the big data challenges like velocity, volume, variety and increasingly complex customer requirements without compromising our core tenets of simplicity, performance and maintainability.
This was possible due to successful consolidation of various architectural patterns into a unique macro-architecture that can evolve with changing business needs and new technical challenges. We will also share lessons learned and tradeoffs made during this journey of our architectural evolution.

Key takeaways:
- Scalable microservices sub-architecture to scale horizontally without compromising on throughput, latency and complexity.
- Highly performant and low latency message driven architecture to maintain mission critical SLAs at scale with non-trivial data enrichment pipelines
- Scalable and robust infrastructure to deploy data collection agents in more then 140 locations around the world
- Seamless, efficient and reliable storage of structured and unstructured data using NoSQL and relational DB

Sérgio is a Lead Software Engineer at ThousandEyes focused on unearthing performance issues on the Internet, the cloud and the networks the world runs on. Software Engineer at heart and two-time CTO with extended experience developing and running large scale systems.


The Path to Serverless payments
Conrad Godfrey and Lee Nugent, Gousto

At Gousto we're passionate about our customers' security and microservices. When we were tasked with making our payment processor PCI SAQ-A compliant we took it as an opportunity to re-engineer our entire payment system, and extract that functionality from our ageing PHP monolith to a new serverless architecture.

Key takeaways:
- How serverless architecture improved the developer experience as well as helping Gousto to scale
- Our learnings - overcoming the pain points of working with serverless architectures
- How the architecture of the team reflects the architecture of the codebase

Conrad joined Gousto as a Software Engineer in January 2018. Since joining, he has worked on intelligent packaging, flexible courier delivery optimisation, a Serverless ERP integration and most recently worked with Lee to develop the new payments infrastructure.

Lee has been a software engineer at Gousto since May 2018. Coming from an agency background, Lee has worked on a wide range of projects ranging from Digital Signage to Inventory Management. More recently, Lee helped deliver Gousto’s new PCI Compliant payment infrastructure.