Microservices Meetup

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Every 2nd Wednesday of the month until June 11, 2019

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6:30 pm: Arrive, food & drinks, networking

7:00 pm: Brief introductions

7:05 pm: A microservice architecture for e-commerce search by Renato Cason (END.)

7:45 pm: quick 5-minute break

7:50 pm: Evolution of application monitoring with Linkerd 2 by Zak Knill (Attest)

8:30 pm: Finish, networking


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A microservice architecture for e-commerce search
Renato Cason, END.

Search and merchandising is of primary importance for an e-commerce website. END.'s increasing customer base and catalogue make it a challenge to achieve KPIs such as product time to market, browsing speed and personalisation.
This talk will explain why, when integrating a new provider for search and merchandising, we chose to do that using a microservice, how the architecture was designed and the reasons behind the main choices.

Key takeaways
- The thought process behind an objective-driven approach to microservices adoption
- Useful tools and technologies

Renato is Head of Engineering at END., a global menswear fashion retailer. His background is on the development and hosting of high scale and high traffic e-commerce systems.


Evolution of application monitoring with Linkerd 2
Zak Knill, Attest

At Attest, we have a relatively small backend / infra team building a platform that's scaling incredibly fast.

This talk focuses on the tooling, approaches and evolution of our application monitoring from a tiny startup to a scalable and performant platform for surfacing insights into what consumers really think about brands.

We will touch on what we had, what we have now, what tools have and have not been useful, and what we want in the future. As well as some of the quick wins and hiccups.

We also believe in enabling all our feature teams to take ownership of their services, so we will look at our "internal platform as a service" approach that allows our teams get as much useful information as possible for free.

Key takeaways:
- Tooling makes all the difference on those 3am calls. Linkerd 2 can give you the raw data, and a means to digest it, making those 3am pages easier and faster.
- Enabling feature teams to take ownership of their service health doesn't require sweeping code changes and a program of education when the infrastructure and platform can provide a lot for free.
- Use the right information gathering techniques in the right ways, or you'll end up wading through a swamp of irrelevant data.

Zak is a backend, infrastructure and cloud engineer with a background in complex cloud scaling problems. He has worked at Attest for almost 3 years and has delivered, first hand, the evolution of the platform and the implementation an actionable alerting and monitoring pipeline. Taking the company from AMIs on EC2 instances, through ECS and now into a Kubernetes, prometheus, Linkerd 2 setup.