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Are you passionate about mindfulness? Want to be able to teach mindfulness one-to-one or in small group effectively? Are you a therapist, coach or health professional? Want to learn a high-quality course in the comfort of your home?

About the Course

The course comprises of 10 virtual classroom sessions in total, once a week, every Sunday at 2 pm – 4pm (London, UK time). The dates are:

Start: 22nd September 2013

Finish: 24th November 2013

We are now taking applications.

Each session is a small online group, and you can hear Shamash as he gives his presentation and watch his detailed and helpful slides. This lasts for two hours each time and is interactive and live.

You are assigned to work with one or two other students over to phone, to practice guiding mindfulness meditations on each other following the online session to improve your own teaching skills.

For a pdf of the training, click here. (


Over the period of the course (the first week is an orientation session), you are asked to practise the recommended mindfulness meditations and exercises daily.

Each week you will also be asked to re-read a particular chapter from one of the reading books, which we would discuss and explore together in the session.

You are asked to write a reflective journal of your experience of your own meditation, and reflections following each session of training that we have together. A summary of this is to be handed in at the end of the training, and a certificate is issued once we have received and checked through it. There is no marks or grade given for this, nor is there a formal mark scheme – it is to check that you have understood the key principles of mindfulness as it is described in the required readings. You can use this as an opportunity to create a booklet as your own teaching guide for the 8 week programme. If you have misunderstood the key ideas, you are given written feedback and another opportunity to write the journal summary. If you follow the advice, you should be fine. Maximum length of your booklet – 3000 words.

Typical Session

A typical session includes theory, opportunity to listen to a meditation being guided, and training on how to teach this particular session to a group and some discussion over the key theme of the session. You are expected to do some preparation for each session and can ask questions as we go along. There will be a Q and A session at the end of each session.


A certificate will be issued at the end of training. The certificate will state ” XXXX has successfully completed 100 hours Mindfulness Teacher Training. The training was led by Shamash Alidina, Mindfulness Author and Coach.” when you successfully complete the written work. The 100 hours training includes live online training (20 hours), paired work (about 5 hours), personal mindfulness practice (about 40 hours), reflective reading (at least 25 hours) and reflective written journal (at least 10 hours).

This certificate can be used for your Continuing Professional Development.


There is no governing body in the field of mindfulness, so you can go on to teach mindfulness with this certificated course. Some people start teaching mindfulness after reading a book, whilst others spend up to 5 years of training before teaching mindfulness. This course is a bridge – we strive to offer the highest standard of teaching through an online medium. We check your application and only accept people who have a genuine passion for mindfulness and wish to share with others in a professional and authentic way. Complete beginners are asked to do the Live Mindful ( and integrate mindfulness into their lives first.

Ongoing support

After completing your teacher training with us, we offer a unique monthly mindful mentoring ( support. Each month you can ask questions and share best practice ideas with all the other people that have completed mindfulness teacher training, either with us or any other organisation. The tips not only include mindfulness subjects, but also touch upon ways of marketing yourself in a mindful way.


“Having trained in Mindfulness with several different instructors, I highly recommend this training with Shamash. Doing this kind of training online was practical for several reasons, one of which is that you get access to every session online afterwards. This enables you to revisit any of the sessions, dwell on particular aspects and deepen your understanding. Shamash is a passionate and skilled presenter, with many years of experience practicing Mindfulness and teaching it to others. He also understands what being Mindful truly means and this makes him a genuinely inspiring teacher!” - Hege, Mentor, Finland

“Shamash is an excellent teacher trainer. He’s knowledgable about the theory, and weaves the mindfulness teaching beautifully. Highly recommended” – Sarah, NHS and Private Psychotherapist, Birmingham.

“I really like the way the training is step by step rather than in one big chunk. The training follows a logical sequence, and by the end of the course, I was given lots of encouragement to start a mindfulness group of my own. I felt confident and now run mindfulness groups regularly. I’m passionate about mindfulness as it’s helped me so much, and it’s so nice to share the passion with others. Thanks for your positivity and belief in my abilities as a teacher.” –Michael, Health Coach, South Africa.

“I’m glad I chose to train with Shamash. I didn’t have time or money to travel far away to get the training. This was easy and accessible and met my needs perfectly.” Michele, Massage Therapist, Norwich, UK.


by Jane Harter, Therapist, London

Shamash really embodies mindfulness in the way he teaches – with warmth, patience, curiosity
and acceptance. The course is well structured and strikes a good balance of practice and theory
and is both challenging and supportive. I would recommend it highly.

by Valerie Stevenson, Executive Coach, London

I found the on-line training programme really interesting with a good mix of theory and practice. I benefited from the weekly reading list which broadened my knowledge of Mindful ness. The interaction with the other participants through the sessions and the separate co-coaching was excellent – this really helped my practice between training sessions. Shamash is a great teacher and his style very encouraging. He shared his knowledge and findings with the group and supported us through the programme. Excellent – glad I did this both for myself and for the benefit of knowing how to teach mindfulness.

by Catherine Ayensu, CBT Therapist, London UK

I enjoyed the lessons. I liked the fact I could listen to the lessons again as they are recorded or if I missed a live session. Shamash has a very calm and gentle manner and explains concepts well.

by Frances Hayes, Coach, UK

The impact of your guided meditations and compassionate approach remain with me.
Having had time to absorb the experiential learning on your excellent course, I enjoyed reflecting on my learning and writing the assignment. It provided a timely opportunity to structure my thoughts and insights.
The feedback is helpful as I move forward in teaching mindfulness, incorporating it with my work as a coach and facilitator.

by Wendy Malko, Canada

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the Teach Mindfulness Online Training with Shamash Alidina. Shamash is an excellent example of all the positive attributes of a true Mindfulness Teacher. I feel because the online training allowed for having participants from all over the world, the program was that much more unique and enriching. I strongly recommend this class to anyone that is interested in teaching Mindfulness.

by Michelle Goodwyn, Australia

Really nice coaching style, easy to participate online. A worldwide network of mindfulness friends are a great bonus that came from the course.

What’s unique about us

- Full money-back guarantee if you decide you don’t like it after the orientation session – no questions asked!

- The training is spaced over 10 weeks instead of being crammed into a few days – just like a real mindfulness course.

- All sessions are recorded so you can listen back to them at any time – very rarely available on other training courses.

- The training is delivered by a bestselling author of mindfulness.


Total fee is £750 inclusive for the full training. The normal price for this training is £1500, which is the normal cost of a training.

The non-refundable deposit to secure your place for the training is £150 (about 240 USD)

Prices may be subject to change so book soon to avoid disappointment.

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