What we're about

Accredited mindfulness teacher and Sophrology therapist.
I will propose in this group meditations, mindfulness journey as well as Sophrology group sessions.
People are generally more familiar with mindfulness and not so much about Sophrology. Whilts the mindfulness course provides a good introduction / a deeper knowledge and understanding of the practice of "open monitoring" meditation, Sophrology anchors sustainably the connection between the mind and the body. It supports the unprogramming and reprogramming of some minds and body habits.

A very popular body-mind practice which has its root in Psychiatry and Eastern meditative practice, it has been used since 1980 widely in hospitals first in psychiatric field with depression and bipolarity, then by doctors and nurses to support anxiety in the preparation to operations, and pain management during the recovery post operation. It is also used to release stress and tension during heavy medical treatments.
Following the results observed in the medical arena, the practice saw an expansion into the category of life betterment and events preparation:
✦ Improvement of quality of life:
* increasing self confidence (eg: at work, as a parent,...,)
* dealing with emotions such as anger / anxiety / stress,
* dealing with performance at work
* insomnia / sleep disorder,
* pregnancy (releasing stress before giving birth)
✦ Preparation for a particular event: exams, public speaking, big presentation, acting / theatre performance / audition, any type of sport competition

As mentioned earlier on, this practice aggregates together the work of several researcher / psychologist: Charcot (hypnosis), Freud, Vittoz (sensory perception), Jacobson (relaxation by contraction), Schultz (relaxation by repetition), Coue (positive thinking), Erikson (short therapy using patient ressources), Husserl (phenomenology) into a set of 27 Dynamic relaxation (breathing and physical movements - different from MBSR) exercices and 27 visualisation types ("focused" meditation). The practitioner create a journey which will be fully customised based upon one goal defined by the team (or the individual) in the kick off session and people health conditions. Upon the kick off meeting, a tailor programme of 6 to 10 weeks is created (with a particular intention per session), composed of a curative phase (eg: releasing tension, installing calm,..) and preventive phase (re-awakening innate capabilities and reprogramming).