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Walking is one of the healthiest exercises we can do. I am Alexander teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience to share. I love to take this work into nature and explore Alexander discoveries. Now it's the summer we can meet in some of London's finest parks, such as Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and Holland Park.


We will meet for 2 hours - Where will can explore and awaken all the senses, and the miracle design of the human body. We will experience how we can reconnect to the ourselves, nature, the earth, our breath and gravity. Woking with these elemental elements we will experience being and feeling more whole, light and connect to ourselves and nature. We will explore using the eyes in a way the stimulates the optic nerves, the parietal lobes, boosting creativity - poise, presence, balance and awareness.

We can practice drawing trees and nature with our own inner creative paint pallet and brush.

We can also draw upon the wisdom of the ancients trees to ground, us, support us, and remind us of the quality of "being" still, strong, rooted , flexible and adaptable.

I aways love to work with the wisdom of the group.
So if you have any suggestion please ask , request or post them.

The meetings will be at at 7pm and beginning 7.15pm ending 8.45pm. Also some morning and weekend walks.

I am looking forward to meeting you to discover and explore the incredible human potential of being free, open, creative, connected and present.

Past events (2)

Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Nicholas Brandon

Mindfulness Walking and the Alexander Technique in Kensington Gardens

Black Lion Gate, Kensington Gardens - opposite Queensway Station (central line)


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