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We all seek to live from our heart, to follow its guidance in our healing, growth and relationships.

Munay-Ki is a q’uechuan word which translates as ‘I love you’, or ‘Be as thou Art’.

It is this spirit that makes the Munay-Ki such a powerful series of healing rites, or energetic attunements, that activate the "Light Body". In receiving these rites, you commit to moving out of fear and living from a place of love.

Whether you are new to shamanism or have practised other healing techniques, such as Reiki, and want to explore new energies, the Munay-Ki is a powerful transformational tool.

In opening your heart to these rites, you deepen your gifts as a healer, enhance your ability to truly see, strengthen your boundaries and feed your connection to all creation.

One unique aspect of the Munay-Ki, is that once you receive the rites you are able to pass them on yourself - to friends, family or anyone drawn to the rites. The student immediately becomes a teacher. As a result you are massively empowered.

This group has been created for those new to the Munay-Ki and wish to receive the rites, as well as those already seeded and who wish to deepen their connection.

If you are committed to living in love and leaving fear behind, the Munay-Ki will guide you.

Together, we can share this amazing gift -

And wake up.

I look forward to journeying with you.

In Munay,


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