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What we're about

Is this you?

Are you a natural sensitive who yearns to feel more connection and connected, but you can feel overwhelm when you connect to others?

Are you noticing changes on the planet that call you to want to use your sensitivity and work with unseen energies in ways that will change how we relate to the earth and others?

Maybe this is because you are a mystic. A mystic is someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension

I will use my ability as an empath to hold a safe and energised space for you. I will facilitate and guide you to express and ground your mystic nature into your everyday life.

This is the group for you if you want to:

· Be the one who takes control and leadership of your own growth and evolution based on who you choose to be and not what has been expected of you.

· Have a deeper connection to energy, nature and within yourself.

· Have great conversations with the trees, flowers, plants and the earth herself as we allow ourselves to learn their language.

· Express the side of you that has always been aware of unseen energies, but stayed safe to avoid overwhelm

· Be part of awakening humanity, starting with you and being a grounded mystic in the 21st century

During these meet-ups you will:

· Create a new level of awakening about yourself that feeds and nurtures you

· Get new strategies to create new ways of expressing what you want and who you choose to be

· Learn that being a sensitive and mystic is what is needed to raise consciousness in a way that is ecological and healthy for the earth

This a series of 6 meet-ups

Cost: £25 each

Special: £100 if you book all six meet-ups. Look forward to seeing you there

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