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LDNUG October 2016

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Sean Farmar : "Why Service Oriented Architecture?"

"When we go about designing and building a scalable durable system we need to solve the number one issue in developing scalable software systems: coupling.

Implementing Service Oriented style architecture - also referred to lately as micro-services - will help you solve this problem.

In this talk, I will try to explain the Service Oriented Architecture’s paradigm…"

Sean Farmar holds the world record for answering the most NServiceBus questions - even more than Udi :-). With over 20 years of experience, he specializes in providing simple solutions for complex business requirements using NServiceBus and applying SOA principles inspired by Udi Dahan. As a solution architect with Particular Software, the creators of NServiceBus, Sean provides support, training and consulting for customers using NServiceBus and the Particular Platform.

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Graeme Bradbury: "Quest for the Silver Spoon: Learning to Learn"

"In 2014 I realized that there was too much that i wanted to learn, and if i was to continue dedicating time to fatherhood, I needed to question my ideas on learning and basically re-learn how to learn.

This is a talk of the things I learned for people who want to learn in a rapidly progressing world."

Graeme Bradbury is a software contractor working .NET projects. His claim to fame is being entered into a company accident book for debugging some code. He's on Twitter as @graemebradbury

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